5 Things To Do Alone This Phase 2(HA)


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Jul 26, 2021

Phase 2's kicked in and we're no longer able to hang out in groups of 5 or more or dine in ? While we may miss our friends and family, we can't deny that it would be best for all of us in the long run. The fight against Covid-19 has been long, and we might find ourselves wondering: what then, can we do with all the restrictions in place?

Spend some alone time! HHWT has compiled a list of fun things you can do in Singapore for groups of 2 or less. So take some time alone and head out for some solo, self-care dates this Phase 2! ?

P.S. If you have more questions about what you can and cannot do this Phase 2(HA), check this out.

5 Things You Can Do Alone During Phase 2 (HA)

1. Walk through Gardens By The Bay

While many of our favourite restaurants may be closed or only set up for delivery, plenty of attractions are still open for you to visit! Drop by Gardens By The Bay for a calming walk, or dress up and head to the flower domes for some Instagram-worthy pictures.. Or maybe a viral tiktok? ?

2. Get Your Blood Pumping With Some Exercise

You're going to have to check out Sport Singapore's website for more details, but long story short? We can still exercise! ? Mask-on classes are still allowed, as long as there is a limit of 30 people per class in groups of up to 2 people. This means that you can still go for your spin class as long as the restrictions and venue allows for it!

You could also opt for the safer option of heading outdoors and going for a jog by the beach or through a park. Mask-off activities are still allowed outdoors, with a limit of 2 people per group!

P.S. You may also want to try working out within the comforts of your own home!

3. Visit The Library

If you prefer a quiet day in, the library is still open! Head over to your nearest neighbourhood library, borrow a book and head home for some quiet reading time. What could be a better way to spend some alone time than in bed with a good book?

4. Watch A Movie

For all the film junkies, the cinema is still open! Of course, with some restrictions. While the restrictions no longer allow food to be sold or consumed in cinema halls, cinemas are still allowing up to 100 movie-goers in cinema halls with PET implemented. Check out MOH's Website for more details!

5. Shop

Shoppaholics, this one is for you: shopping malls are still open! The occupancy limits for shopping malls have been reduced, but you can still take a walk around your favourite mall and browse through clothes or shoes with little worry. Just bring along your Trace Together token or mobile phone and head right in for some retail therapy

We promise you, this is not all you can do alone this Phase 2 (HA) - and that's the best part! What are you waiting for? Take some time off and head out for some solo time.