A Guide To Halal Food Spots, Road Trip Places And More By A Muslim Living In Perth, Western Australia


Syahirah Mazlan •  Sep 08, 2022

As someone who travels and moves around a lot, I never would have thought I’d find home in Perth, Western Australia. It’s a vibrant and multicultural city that has something for everyone! ? My name is Yasmin, a Singaporean living in Perth and I’ve lived here for almost half my life. During my time in Australia, I’ve come to enjoy a couple of places (from a long list!) I’d love to share! These are some must-visit places on your Western Australia road trip, and halal food places on the Western Australia map that you must visit on your next trip over.

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Must-Visit Attractions On Your Western Australia Road Trip

Credit: lancelinsanddunes on Instagram

If you’re a bit of a thrill-seeker, you must visit Lancelin sand dunes! The road trip here is one less conventional than you would expect. ? You’ll drive by many neighbourhoods, onto a dirt and bush path and finally onto the sand dunes. If you’re not confident about driving on the sand, you can simply park your vehicle on Bootoo Street as you’re coming in and walk towards the dunes - it’s not a long walk, we promise! 

Entry into Lancelin sand dunes is FREE but for even more fun, you can rent a sandboard (from AUD12.50/2.5hrs) and go sandboarding down the dunes. ? While you can go sandboarding at any time of the day, the best time would be in the mid-morning when the wind is typically not the strongest, so you can avoid too much sand clouding your vision. You could simply stroll along the sand if you’re not up for it but if you’re hoping to coast down the dunes, make sure you reserve the boards ahead of time to avoid disappointment!

P.S. It’s recommended that you dress lightly and bring a pair of sunglasses when visiting Lancelin sand dunes as sand gets everywhere. If you forgot to bring sunglasses, you can rent them from the sandboard rental reservation online! ?

Credit: Lyndall Hanbury

If you love Western Australia on the ground, wait till you see it from high up! ?Driving down the Avon Valley 500 Loop, you’ll be presented with an opportunity to ride a hot air balloon where you can marvel at the panoramic views of the skyline and gaze down at Avon Valley from 2,000ft in the air. To get the best panoramic views of the horizon, it’s recommended that you visit for a hot air balloon ride right before dawn breaks so that you can greet the morning sun (it’s good for your skin too!). ☀️

Credit: Courtesy of Tourism Western Australia

Is pink your favourite colour? If not, then it just might end up becoming one after a road trip through Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake. There are just some things that you can’t believe until you see for yourself. ? Hutt Lagoon Pink is just as it’s name suggest - PINK! Believe it or not, the lake is of that colour all year round, thanks to a type of algae in the waters. As with all natural occurrences in nature, there is a prime time to visit Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake. Visit between 10AM to 2PM, when the sun is high or on cloudless days to get the best views. ?

Credit: Courtesy of Tourism Western Australia

An attraction you must visit on your road trip is Kalbarri National Park! The park overlooks Murchison Gorge, where the sand and rocks are a deep terracotta colour. ? Step onto the Kalbarri Skywalk, one of the newest attractions in Western Australia,  for a panoramic view of the Murchison River (that flows through the gorge) and marvel at the view of the coast and rocky plateaus from above. While the view from the Skywalk is incredible, visitors often go to the park for more than just sightseeing! Adventurous souls can go picnicking, abseiling, rafting, or even canoeing! ? Parking fees apply to visit and stroll along Kalbarri National Park, so make sure you come prepared with the relevant documents.

Must-try Halal Food In Perth

If your tummy is rumbling after all that sightseeing and driving, here are some halal food recommendations in Perth! ? Something that I wished I knew sooner would be that Western Australia is rich in cultural diversity, meaning I never have to worry about looking for halal food, especially not in Perth!

Credit: Ultimatefriedchicken_au on Instagram

For light bites, you can’t go wrong with Ultimate Fried Chicken in Perth City. If you love bubble tea and fried chicken, this place should definitely be on your itinerary. Serving up the crispiest (and not to mention big) fried chicken cutlets, drumettes, squid rings, waffle fries and many other tasty fried finger foods, Ultimate Fried Chicken is your one-stop shop for all snacks that are perfect for on the go! ?You can get individual meals or share the love and get party boxes filled to the brim with fried goodies to share with your road trip buddies.

Credit: Thesarapanofficial on Instagram

Or perhaps you’re craving for something more hearty? I personally often miss the local flavours from back home and that’s when I visit The Sarapan, to enjoy more familiar dishes like Nasi Lemak, Nasi Goreng Kampung and much more! ? If you happen to be in time for brunch, you must try their Grilled Cheese and their good ol’ Eggs Benny. The Sarapan’s extensive menu caters to children and even makes delicious Ang Ku Kuehs that you may remember from back home (I know I did! ?). 

Credit: palatesofperth on Instagram

One of my favourites has to be from Cairo Cafe, a cosy halal eatery that excels in Egyptian Cuisine. My personal favourite is their grilled chicken covered with their amazing garlic spiced sauce and they have the best garlic dip that is a must to try for all garlic lovers. ? Not to mention, the interior of the restaurant feels so homely and it’s great spot for families and friends to get together for celebrations!

#HHWT Tip: If there aren’t any halal food options available nearby, you can always visit the local parks that offer BBQ facilities and have a cookout! There are plenty of local supermarkets and butcher shops that provide halal-certified cuts of meat and ingredients too.

Other Tips For Your Perth Visit

Credit: Courtesy of Tourism Western Australia

If you’re looking for things to do on the weekends here in Perth, I recommend looking out for exciting events lined up! ? Otherwise, the best place to visit during weekends are mostly, Fremantle Markets! All the good food, desserts and vibes can be found in Fremantle, making it a must to visit during the weekends as they’re only open through weekends and public holidays! 

If the heaps of halal food places and mosques accessible in Perth doesn’t get you excited to visit, then surely the friendly culture will! Australians are friendly and welcoming here with diverse cultures of people from different backgrounds. They will always greet you with the best positive energy and ask how you are doing at checkouts which is always a pleasant experience. ? 

Credit: Courtesy of Tourism Western Australia

I love Perth for so many more reasons than I can count; the people, sights and sceneries are just some of the few! You’ll have to visit to experience it for yourself to get an idea of how truly exciting and inclusive the city is. ? Just a tip for when you’re visiting, Western Australia has four seasons, and the weather can be unpredictable. Be sure to check on the weather during your stay. The weather today is not going to be the same as tomorrow! 

P.S. Feeling inspired to travel? Book your next holiday to Perth, only 4.5 hours flight from Singapore and 5 hours from Malaysia! There are many itineraries available through Tourism Western Australia online if you need help planning your getaway.

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