JUST IN: Ooh SG’s MALA Snacks Are Finally Halal-Certified - Here’s Why We’re Excited


Shasha Dania •  Oct 01, 2020

Halal Sichuan Mala is a popular cuisine in Singapore, and now you can get a bite of that tongue-numbing spice in a quick and convenient snack! Ooh SG is the first Mala snack brand in Singapore, and they’ve finally received halal certification for Singapore’s first-ever halal Mala chips - bringing that addictively spicy taste right to your fingertips. ? We tried some of their MALA chips recently and were impressed with the flavour! Read on to find out more about what we think could be your next favourite spicy snack. ?

P.S. You can buy these spicy snacks on Ooh SG's website now! ?

Ooh SG’s snack packs take popular snacks like potato chips, cassava chips, and peanuts to the next level with their signature MALA spice blend. Using real spices including dried chilli, peppercorns, and fennel, their spice blend has both the spiciness and numbing sensation you get with authentic Mala hotpot! ? We were pleasantly surprised by how our tongues startled to tingle after a few mouthfuls of Ooh SG’s snacks! Ooh SG’s snacks all come in colourful and convenient packs you can even take with you on the go. The packs come with a vacuum seal so if you can’t finish it all in one sitting you don’t have to worry about your snacks going soft by the next day. They're also a great gift for visitors or your Mala-mad friends! ?

The MALA Cassava Chips were my personal favourite. They’re sliced thinly (though slightly thicker than the Potato Chips) but are super crunchy and so addictive. ?Because Ooh SG uses real spices instead of a flavouring blend, you can feel the heat start to kick in after just one bite! The MALA Potato Chips are also great as a mid-day snack. They’re light and crispy and don’t feel greasy or oily either!

You might be familiar with having peanuts in your Mala Xiang Guo, but now you don’t have to pick them out and can just go straight to snacking on these MALA Peanuts! These were my personal favourite as the sweetness of the roasted peanuts really complement the spice mix. Plus the rich crunch of the peanuts makes this snack a satisfying one if you find yourself craving something to munch on halfway through the day. ? Head over to Ooh SG's website to buy your own snack pack now!

Halal status: The MALA products that have received halal certification are the MALA Potato Chips, MALA Cassava Chips, and MALA Peanuts. The MALA Green Peas are undergoing the halal certification process - we recommend you dine at your own discretion for now. All Ooh SG products do not contain any animal byproducts, garlic, onion, or egg.

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