The Only Jellycat Diner is in New York City


Qistina Roslan •  Sep 20, 2023

Jellycat has been increasingly popular among young children (and adults too)! Their soft, squishy feel paired with adorable designs makes Jellycat a great plushie to gift to your loved ones! Or, to be honest, get for yourself too. Due to their various designs, the food-themed Jellycat plushies have been given their very own event! Read on to find out what it is!

Where is it located?

The charming Jellycat Diner is situated at the famous toy capital of New York City, F.A.O Schwarz. It's right in Rockefeller Plaza, along the 49th street. You can take the subway or the bus to get there!

This building has been featured in numerous films, such as "The Smurfs" (2011), where Gargamel chased the smurfs up and down, and around this iconic toy store. With a humongous array of toys ranging from 0 to 14 years old and up, there's something for everyone in F.A.O Schwarz. This makes it the perfect place for Jellycat Diner to be situated!

PS: It's highly recommended to visit the store during Christmas as the famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree is just next door!

What can you find?

Credit: Jellycat on Instagram

The Jellycat Diner had its grand debut on 23 September 2023, and will be open all-year round. Stars of the Jellycat Diner would be the adorable food-themed plushies: The Amuseable Hot Dog, Taco, Burger and Pizza!

These adorable plushies come with an enamel pin, a sticker sheet and their delightful iconic blue diner packaging. Unwrapping it truly feels like unwrapping the real food but be warned, they are not edible!

A staff dressed in an appropriately-themed diner outfit will package the plushies for you, as though you are getting the actual item to-go. It's a memorable and fun experience for the young and young at heart. The plushies go for 45USD (around 60SGD). That is around the same cost as getting one plushie here in Singapore, so it is definitely worth checking this place out!

The food-themed plushies are not the only ones available at the store. You can get a plethora of cute Jellycat plushies nearby the diner as well! From the popular bunny to the 'just-vibes' amusable croissant, you will be spoiled for choice!

So what are you waiting for? Put the Jellycat Diner on your list of places to visit when coming to the Big Apple!

Admission: Free!

Opening hours: Mon - Sat (9AM - 8PM), Sun (11AM - 7PM)

Address: Jellycat Diner, First Floor, F.A.O Schwarz, 30 Rockefeller Plaza NY 1011

Note: During the holidays (second week of December until the end of the first week in January) the store has extended opening hours!

Mon - Sat (9AM - 9PM), Sun (11AM - 8PM)