15 Ramadan Bazaar Items That You Can Find Online In Singapore


Faruq Senin •  Apr 25, 2020

[UPDATED 27 Apr 2020:

Disclaimer: Some of the businesses listed in this article are home-based businesses. This article was written before the latest circuit breaker regulations that home-based businesses will face a $1000 fine if they don't abide by the rules. We strongly recommend that you check with respective sellers if they are still selling their products through other means.]

The Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar and other Ramadan bazaars in Singapore might have been cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 situation but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy your usual bazaar treats ? The good news is that various home-based businesses are delivering your favourite Ramadan bazaar snacks and online Ramadan bazaars have also started selling food, Raya clothes, home accessories and more.

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Between increasing your acts of worship and stocking up on essentials for the holy month, you might be craving some Ramadan treats for iftar. That's why we've rounded this list of 15 Ramadan bazaar items that you can find online in Singapore. We've also included both food and Raya essentials for your convenience too.

P.S. Looking for a scrumptious iftar meal for delivery this Ramadan? Check out our 2020 iftar guide for Singapore!

Cooked Food items:

1. Dendeng

Dendeng (BBQ beef jerky) is personally one of my favourite snacks to have at the Geylang Serai Bazaar! Chewy, juicy and yummy, having just one piece is never enough ?

Where to get it: 

Halal status: All Muslim-owned

2. Ramly Burger

Ah, the quintessential Ramadan Bazaar snack, Ramly Burger! There's nothing like the appetising smell of meat patties and watching the stall vendors grill the burgers right in front of your eyes. Well, since you can't get that this year, time to enjoy it with your loved ones at home instead ?

Where to get it:

Halal status: All Muslim-owned

3. Apam Balik

Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside with sweet toppings, apam balik (turnover pancake) is one traditional dessert we just can’t seem to get enough of! Traditionally, it consists of only peanuts and corn but several home-based businesses are selling so many flavours like Nutella, cheese, durian, banana and more.

Where to get it:

Halal status: All Muslim-owned

4. Takoyaki

Crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside and filled with delicious ingredients like octopus, prawns or sausages, it's hard not to love takoyaki! Thankfully, many home-based businesses and even famous takoyaki stalls have started delivering takoyaki, so you can enjoy these mouthwatering treats at home ?

Where to get it: 

Halal status: All Muslim-owned

5. Ayam Percik

A traditional favourite at bazaars, Ayam Percik is grilled chicken marinated in rich spices. The secret to this chicken tasting so good is really the sauce. It’s relatively spicy with a tinge of sweetness to it ? For those of you who are bummed about not being able to eat Ayam Percik at the bazaars this year, don't fret! You can get it delivered to your home too (:

Where to get it:

Halal status: Muslim-owned

6. Otak-otak

Another traditional favourite, otak-otak is grilled fish cakes wrapped in banana leaf. Usually, you'd be drawn to the aroma of otak-otak and the stall vendors who are preparing them. With delivery services by Otak-otak Kampung Singapore, we guarantee you'll be able to catch a whiff of these fragrant treats before they even reach your doorstep ?

Where to get it:

  • Otak-otak Kampung Singapore - Call/Whatsapp 93800696 (check Facebook and Instagram for updates)

Halal status: Muslim-owned

7. Kathira drink

Those in Singapore and Malaysia would be very familiar with kathira! This cold and refreshing drink is made with evaporated milk, pandan-flavoured syrup, kathira gum, basil seeds and malva nuts. Besides the original flavour, many businesses nowadays have flavoured versions like Bandung or corn ? Such a refreshing treat for iftar!

Where to get it:

  • OKathira - Instagram
  • Fir Kopi - Instagram
  • Qrunchies x Cucu Kak Ijah Kitchen - Instagram
  • Qathira Temaseq - Facebook
  • Pitstop Kathira - Whatsapp 82123097 or Facebook
  • Siti Marlinah Bte Yusoff - Whatsapp 92326969 or Facebook
  • Katira Malbari - Whatsapp 93669403 (Ramadan), 93906654 (Taufiq), 97252464 (Mannan)
  • Iqah Fikri Tihah - Whatsapp 90393097
  • Kaki Lepak - Instagram

Halal status: All Muslim-owned

8. Thai Milk Tea

Thai Milk Tea is a drink you'd love to have while walking around the Ramadan bazaars. But with the hot and humid weather these days, Thai Milk Tea is a refreshing drink you'd want to have, even when you're home ? Luckily, famous stores like Broti and many other home businesses are delivering Thai Milk Tea and Thai Green Tea among others!

Where to get it:

9. Cendol

Another drink that'll surely leave you in a festive mood this Ramadan and keep you cool at the same time is cendol. Treat yourself to this iced sweet dessert with green jelly, coconut milk and palm sugar after Terawih prayers ? In case you're wondering, yes, you can get cendol delivered to your doorstep!

Where to get it:

  • Cendol Kain Pelikat - Whatsapp 91153726 or Instagram
  • Haig Road Cendol - Call 97581994 (Find out more in this Facebook post)

10. Other yummy treats and drinks

If you're a fan of Ramadan bazaars or "pasar malam" (night market) in Singapore, you'd be familiar with the not-so-traditional snacks or drinks that are sold there. Whether it's goreng pisang with cheese, martabak manis or even interesting items like Chinese dough fritters with toppings, these treats usually make your visit to the Ramadan bazaars extra unique. The good news is that some of them deliver!

Where to get it:

Goreng pisang with cheese 

  • O'Braim - Instagram
  • The Original Pisang Keju - Whatsapp 87426967 (Check Instagram for updates)

Yu cha kway (Chinese dough fritters) with toppings

Martabak manis

  • Terang Bulan - Website (check Instagram for updates on delivery slots)
  • Markozar - Whatsapp 96800565 (check Instagram for updates)

Unique beverages 

  • Air Jagung Ketagih (Highly addictive corn milk tea) - Instagram 
  • Overdose (drinks in cool plastic packaging) - Instagram or GOBAZA
  • Kaki Lepak (butterbeer and kathira drink) - Instagram

Halal status: All Muslim-owned

Non-cooked food items:

11. Dates

Ran out of dates during this period but don't know where to get them? Don't worry! You can get them on the Ramadan bazaars online like GOBAZA and the Geylang Bazaar Online. Check out these links to buy dates and date-related products:

12. Raya Kuih

You might be spending Hari Raya at home this year but who says you can't give yourself a little treat? Whether you're looking for nutella tarts, fudge brownies, tapak kuda rolls or chocolate chip cookies, you can find them all online either through online bazaars or home bakers. Check out these bakers on the various online bazaars:

Halal status: All Muslim-owned

P.S. Looking for more home bakers? Check out these 11 home bakers for your Raya goodies!

Apparel/household items:

13. Raya Clothes

Credit: deaawardrobe on GOBAZA

An online Ramadan bazaar won't be complete without selling Raya clothes! It is sunnah to dress your best on Hari Raya (yes, even when you're home!) So, if you are intending to get a new pair of clothes, this is the time to browse through the various apparel listings on Virtual Celebfest, GOBAZA and Stay At Home Bazaar Raya. Otherwise, you can also get your Raya clothes on online shopping sites like Zalora, Shopee and Lazada. Or simply head over to individual online boutiques like Ayu Apparels, Love Aisyah, Natalie La Bella and Adrianna Yariqa. With a wide range of options selling women's, men's and even children's clothes, you'll be spoilt for choice ?

P.S. Check out these online shops in Malaysia to get your Raya clothes too (for every budget)!

14. Modest wear and prayer essentials

Looking for a new scarf, shawl or prayer essentials this Ramadan? Time to get them online! Check out Malaysian brand Farfalla Hijab's simple yet stunning hijab collection on eBazaar or Maryam Amelie's gorgeous shawls on Virtual Celebfest. For those of you looking for a suitable jubah (long robe) for convenient casual wear and even for Raya, you can get them online too. If you need something more functional, you'd be pleased to know that Muslim lifestyle brand Takva is selling their prayer parka, wudhu socks and pocket sejadah on Virtual Celebfest too. For other prayer essentials like prayer mats, telekung or the Quran, you can get them on Shopee, Lazada and other online shopping sites.

15. Household essentials & home decor

Credit: Linnenmore on GOBAZA

With the circuit breaker measures in Singapore and you're spending more time at home, there's all the more reason for you to spruce up your home! Whether you need new plate sets, carpets/rugs, cushion covers, coasters and even Islamic-inspired decorations, you'll find them on GOBAZA and eBazaar under their home section. For electronics like rice cookers, multi-cookers as well as household cleaning equipment, you can find them on Geylang Bazaar Online. Look out for the Electronics, Homeware and Cookware sections!

Ramadan this year might be less festive than previous years but rest assured, you can still find your favourite Ramadan bazaar snacks and even shop for Raya essentials online! What's even better is that you're in the comfort of your own home and focus on spending more time doing ibadah. The great thing is that you'll also be supporting local small businesses. So, remember to SHARE this list with your loved ones and let them know that Ramadan at home can be an awesome experience too ?