10 Online Bookstores That are Alternatives To Book Depository In SG


Noor Aishah Karim •  Apr 11, 2023

For many bookworms, Book Depository has been a go-to source for finding the latest and greatest reads. With an extensive collection of titles, competitive prices, and free worldwide shipping, it's no wonder why readers have come to rely on this online bookstore.

However, with the news of Book Depository's departure, many avid readers were left feeling a sense of loss and uncertainty. Despite this setback, other online bookstores offer similar services, making it easier than ever to continue building your personal library.

1) SG BookMarket

SGBookMarket is a Singapore-based online bookstore that offers readers a wide range of local and international titles. With a focus on promoting local literature, SGBookMarket features books from Singaporean authors, publishers, and bookstores. Their books are one of the cheapest in Singapore because of how it is a clearance website by SG Books Deal. Books are sold out quickly too!

The website is easy to navigate, allowing users to search for books by category or keyword. SGBookMart also offers affordable prices and free shipping within Singapore, making it a great option for readers looking to support local authors and businesses. Overall, SGBookMart is a fantastic platform for discovering new books and supporting the literary community in Singapore.

Shipping cost: Free above $30, but they also offer standard delivery for $5.

2) OpenTrolley Bookstore

This Singaporean brand was established in 2008 and has since become a popular destination for book lovers in the city. The bookstore boasts an impressive selection of over 10 million titles across 4000 categories, ensuring that there is something for every reader. SG Open Trolley Bookstore also offers a convenient one-week local delivery service, making it easier for customers to get their hands on the books they want.

Additionally, the bookstore has a unique locker collection method, where customers can pick up their purchases from designated lockers at various locations across Singapore. This feature provides customers with added flexibility and convenience, making SG Open Trolley Bookstore a top choice for book shopping in Singapore.

Shipping cost: They have 2 options.

  • Delivery by Ninja van is $4.90.

(However, there’s a free delivery option when you spend $60)

  • Self-collect at Pick lockers is 2.90.

Find out more here

3) Books beyond borders

Books Beyond Borders is a social enterprise that aims to promote literacy and education in developing countries. By purchasing a book from Books Beyond Borders, readers can do good while also expanding their knowledge and perspective. The proceeds from book sales contribute to providing educational resources for students in Nepal, helping to create a better world.

Many of the books sold by Books Beyond Borders are donated, and while they may be used, they are often in good condition and sold at affordable prices, making it a more sustainable choice for readers who want to make a positive impact. With Books Beyond Borders, readers can contribute to a greater cause while enjoying the benefits of reading.

Shipping cost: Free express delivery for orders $25 or more

HHWT tip: Some weekends, they even offer a $1 book sale at their physical location! Look out for that!

4) Kinokuniya

Kinokuniya is a renowned bookstore chain that offers a vast selection of books, stationery, and gifts from around the world. In addition to its physical stores, Kinokuniya also provides an online delivery service, allowing customers to easily browse and purchase products from the comfort of their homes.

With its user-friendly website and efficient shipping options, Kinokuniya's online delivery service makes it easy for book lovers to access their favourite titles and discover new ones.

Shipping cost: Local delivery fee of S$4.80 for orders below S$50 (Free delivery above $50)

5) Ethos Books

Ethos Books is a Singaporean independent publisher that offers a vast collection of literature that showcases the richness of Southeast Asian culture. It is definitely an online store that provides easy access to its catalogue, making it possible for readers to discover and purchase their titles from anywhere in the world.

Their online delivery service is efficient, and they typically deliver within 3-5 working days locally and within 7-14 working days internationally. Their commitment to delivering high-quality books and reliable delivery service make them a popular choice for readers looking to explore the diverse voices of Southeast Asian literature.

Shipping cost: Local delivery (Singapore) is free for purchases above S$30. A fee of S$2.80 (excluding GST) applies to orders S$30 and under.

6) Amazon

Amazon is a global online marketplace that offers a vast selection of products, including physical books. With their extensive catalogue, customers can easily find books from various genres and authors.

Credit: Amazon Prime

In Singapore, Amazon offers reliable delivery services that usually take 5 to 10 business days. Their quick and efficient delivery options make it convenient for book lovers in Singapore to access their favourite titles with ease! If you are a prime member, you may have the option for next-day delivery too!

Shipping cost:

  • Non-members: USD 4.99 per shipment + USD 4.99 per item (standard) however, it is free for orders $40 and above of some items

Members: free shipping, no min spend.

7) Fishpond

Fishpond is an online retailer that provides an wide range of products, including over 25 million physical books. Their catalogue features books from different genres and authors, making it easy for customers to find what they're looking for.

Credit: Fishpond

Fishpond offers reliable delivery services in Singapore, which usually take between 5 to 14 business days, depending on the delivery option selected. Book enthusiasts in Singapore often choose Fishpond due to their diverse collection of books and dependable delivery services.

Shipping cost: Free

8) Basheer Graphic Books

Basheer Graphic Books is a popular bookstore in Singapore that specializes in graphic design and art-related books. Their extensive catalogue features books on various design fields, art, and culture. Basheer Graphic Books offers efficient delivery services in Singapore that usually take between 1 to 3 business days, depending on the delivery option selected.

With their fast and reliable delivery and unique catalogue, Basheer Graphic Books is a preferred destination for design and art enthusiasts in Singapore.

Shipping cost:

  • Free shipping (Min. Spend $49.90),
  • Ninja Van $3.90,
  • Q xpress $4.30,
  • Local(same day) delivery $19.00

9) Wardah Books

Wardah Books is an independent bookstore in Singapore that offers a wide range of books on Islamic spirituality, culture, and history. Their catalogue includes books in English, Malay, and Arabic, making it accessible to a diverse audience.

Wardah Books provides reliable delivery services in Singapore that usually take between 3 to 5 business days, depending on the delivery option selected. With their unique collection of books and dependable delivery services, Wardah Books is a go-to destination for those interested in Islamic literature and more!

PS. We covered them before!! Check it out here!

Shipping cost:

  • Purchases $100 and above Free
  • Purchases below $100: $5.50

10) Blackwells

Blackwell's is a well-established bookstore that provides a diverse range of books in various fields, including science, law, and literature. Their extensive catalogue features books from well-known publishers worldwide, making it a one-stop destination for book lovers.

Blackwell's offers reliable delivery services in Singapore, which usually take between 5 to 14 business days, depending on the delivery option selected. With their diverse collection and dependable delivery services, Blackwell's is a preferred choice for individuals seeking quality books in Singapore.

While Book Depository has ended its services, there are several alternatives available for book enthusiasts in the country. Whether it's Amazon, Fishpond, Basheer Graphic Books, Wardah Books, or Blackwell's, each alternative provides a unique collection of books and reliable delivery services. So, check out these alternatives and find your next favourite read!

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