Vacay To The UK: Here Are The New Omicron Travel Measures You'll Need To Know (7 Dec 2021)


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Dec 08, 2021

Travel is making its way back into our lives and we could not be more excited! From travel bubbles to vaccinated travel lanes, everyone's ready (or already!) packing for their next trip overseas ?? The UK's opened up to most countries except those on their red list, and with recent developments in Covid-19's Omicron variant, the UK has recently put in place measures needed to enter any country in the region.  So if you're travelling to London or anywhere else in the UK, here's what you'll need to know about the recent Omicron travel measures set by the UK.

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Travelling to the UK: What You Need To Know

With recent developments in Covid-19 and the appearance of the new variant Omicron, many travellers' confidence in travelling overseas are falling. Uncertainty is no doubt a part of the travel package, and it might be hard to navigate and understand the documents or restrictions put in place in order for us to enter and explore the country. Fortunately, HHWT is here to help! These measures are effective as of 7 December 2021.

1. Proof of a Negative Covid-19 Test

Get your pre-departure covid-19 tests ready! From 7 Dec onward, anyone aged 12 and above travelling to the UK must present a negative pre-departure covid-19 test. Both Lateral Flow (ART test) and PCR tests are acceptable, as long as they are negative.

The test needs to be taken less than 48 hours before your flight, and you'll need to have a valid certificate to present at the airport before heading onto your flight. If you're in Singapore, here's a list of the MOH-approved Covid-19 test providers!Malaysians may refer to this list ? 

Do ensure that the test providers used also meet the U.K. government's standards. As a good gauge, call up the clinic of your choice to check that they have self-declared that they meet the U.K. government minimum standards for commercial testing.

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2. Documents Needed

Besides the travel bubble requirements that your country of departure may have agreed upon with the UK, everyone travelling to the UK must also complete the Passenger Locator Form (PLF). This form is to be booked after you have booked your arrival PCR test (more on that below!) as you will need to have proof that you'll be testing yourself in the UK!

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You will also need to make sure that you fill the PLF up no more than 48 hours earlier before arriving.

3. Arrival PCR Tests & Quarantine Period

Important Note: the day of your arrival counts as day 0 of you being in the UK. 

In the UK, you'll need to take a PCR test and isolate yourself until you receive a negative result.

This regulation plays out differently depending on whether you are fully vaccinated or not fully vaccinated. If you are fully vaccinated, you'll need to take a PCR test by day 2 of your arrival. This means taking the PCR test anytime between your arrival and your second day of arrival. Do note that you'll have to isolate yourself before and after the test until you have received the negative result.

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However if you are not fully vaccinated, you will need to take a PCR test on both day 2 and day 8 of your arrival. In addition, you may also need to quarantine for 10 days. This applies even if you test negative on the second day. Once you have tested negative on your day 8 test (the 10th day of your arrival), you may begin to explore the country!

However, if your day 8 test is positive, you will need to undergo quarantine for another 10 days, with the initial day 8 test being considered as day 0 of your quarantine.

4. Have Your Proof of Vaccination On You At All Times

If you've been vaccinated, great news! ? Having your vaccination certificate with you will help you explore the region with ease. Certain countries in the UK make use of a covid vaccination passport system, where you'll need to show proof of vaccination to enter certain venues. Alternatively, you could present proof that you've received a negative covid-19 test result within the last 24 hours.

And there you have it ? 4 useful tips that will help you navigate the newly set omicron travel requirements in the UK as of 7 Dec 2021. If you're heading to the UK or planning to travel there soon, share this with your travel buddy!