So everyone’s raving about the news of Singapore’s most loved curry puff shop Old Chang Kee opening in London over the weekend. We can totally see why! Old Chang Kee’s curry puffs are iconic – they are huge with a crispy crust and have generous amounts of delicious curry potato and even an egg 😋

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We’re sure most Singaporeans (and even Malaysians!) living in the UK are excited about this news. When you’re overseas and there’s any chance to get your hands on some lip-smacking local food, you’d definitely go for it 😝

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Sure, there are a lot of Asian food eateries but it’s hard to find one that really tastes like home 😔 We know, the question weighing on your mind now is – is it halal?

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Unfortunately, Old Chang Kee said on their Facebook today that they aren’t halal at the moment. The chain also went on to say that they have a no-pork, no-lard kitchen and there are vegetable options like their curry potato puff and vegetable curry.

Credit: @oldchangkee_indonesia on Instagram

But hold up, don’t be too sad just yet! The chain says they are looking for halal meat suppliers though they didn’t give a definite time frame. Seems like it might take a little while before it’s finally halal. But for those of you living in London or even those visiting and you’re really craving a taste of home, check out our guide on halal Malaysian food in London. But till then, let’s just wait for the good news 😉

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