Popular Japan Instant Noodle Brand Has New Truffle Carbonara Noodles (And It's Halal!)


Syahirah •  Oct 25, 2022

If there’s something we love more than food, it's convenience! And when we’re craving for something quick and easy to whip up together, we look for some instant noodles. 😋 Japan’s well-known instant noodle brand NISSIN U.F.O, knows exactly what we want and has recently launched a new Truffle Carbonara that’s yummy, and halal-certified! 

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If you aren’t already familiar with the super popular instant noodle brand NISSIN, it originates from Japan and is one of the most popular brands in Singapore. While it’s original line of instant noodles are not halal-certified, it does have a subsidiary called NISSIN U.F.O (which is in fact U.F.O shaped 😂) that is halal-certified!

NISSIN U.F.O has recently launched its newest flavour - the new Truffle Carbonara (for only $1.65)! 🔥Although it’s in instant noodle form, it promises the rich carbonara taste and fragrant truffle aroma making it ideal for times when you’re looking for a restaurant grade meal made easy. When preparing the noodles, you’re meant to drain the hot water and mix the powdered flavourings into the bowl before stirring it until it becomes a delicious and creamy texture! 🤤 The taste is very rich and milky! If you like creamy noodles, you can’t miss this.

You don’t have to get dressed and leave home for a bowl of hot and delicious Truffle Carbonara! NISSIN U.F.O is letting you stay in during this colder season while getting that very same taste you’ve been craving for. So, will you be trying their new Truffle Carbonara noodles?