#HHWT Tries: NISSIN’s Halal Authentic Japanese Ramen


Shasha Dania •  Jul 18, 2019

Japanese ramen is one of our favourite dishes but finding halal ramen can be challenging – and getting a good table in time at a restaurant may be even more difficult! ? Instead of going out to eat, we decided to stay in and cook our very own authentic Japanese halal ramen with NISSIN RAMEN! ?

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Lots of iconic Japanese ramen flavours are known for being made with ingredients such as pork broth, but with NISSIN’s halal ramen line you can get an authentic taste of Japan without any worry! ?

What flavours are there?

NISSIN RAMEN has 4 amazing flavours, each with their own unique and distinct taste – and all authentically Japanese. The garlic-flavoured Kyushu Black and Uma-Kara Spicy (that uses actual chilli oil!) are 2 unique flavours we’ve never had before which we were excited to try.

The bonito-based soy sauce broth of the Tokyo Shoyu and rich Hokkaido Miso seemed a little more familiar, and we were looking forward to how they would taste. We easily found our extra ingredients and toppings at local supermarkets and convenience stores, and tried to create the authentic taste of ramen! Afterwards, we cooked our broth and noodles – and we were ready to go!

Kyushu Black

The first flavour we had to try was, of course, the Kyushu Black! The broth itself was a creamy white, but it turned a grey-ish black once the roasted garlic oil paste was added. Usually, ramen with this colouring and taste are made with black pork or pork broth, but NISSIN’s halal-certified version is absolutely safe to eat! ? NISSIN’s version is flavoured with garlic oil and white sesame, creating a rich and delicious flavour you’ll love with every mouthful.

The soup had a strong smell of garlic, onion, and sesame, and was definitely one of the more heartier flavours of the four. We topped our bowl with marinated chicken slices, marinated soft-boiled egg (purchased from a convenience store for extra ease! ?), enoki mushrooms, fried garlic chips, and spring onions. The spring onions added a light crunch to the heavier broth, and we definitely recommend this flavour if you’re looking for something a little more filling and rich! The roasted garlic oil paste was fragrant and flavourful – remember to mix the paste well when you’re preparing your meal, to really bring out the richness of the broth! ?

Uma-Kara Spicy

Our second flavour was the Uma-Kara Spicy! Adding a spicy twist to the traditional creamy white broth, the Uma-Kara Spicy has a distinct peppery taste to it that makes it stand out above your typical bowl of noodles. We decided to top our bowl with a marinated soft-boiled egg, minced marinated chicken, spring onions, and the garnish mix included in the packet.

The noodles were chewy and soaked up all the goodness of the chilli oil and broth to make it extra flavourful. We actually expected it to be super spicy, but it was surprisingly okay with a lower level of spiciness that you’d usually get in Japan! ? Having the chilli oil come in its own packet made it easy to control how much spice we wanted – so even if your ‘spice tolerance’ level isn’t super high, you can definitely still enjoy this without any worries!

Tokyo Shoyu

Next up was the Tokyo Shoyu flavour, which uses a stock made with bonito and soy sauce. Bonito is derived from fish and is a common stock used in Japan, which is why it felt comforting and familiar to many of us! There’s a strong smell of soy sauce with a hint of bonito, and it’s the kind of broth that seems to go well with any kind of topping. Kids might also enjoy this lighter option as the broth isn’t too thick or overpowering!

We added kani crab sticks, marinated soft-boiled egg, seaweed sheets, and spring onions to our noodles as well as the mini ‘naruto’ fishcake toppings that come with the packet! We thought that a simpler topping would have been equally good, but the crab sticks balanced out the taste of soy sauce very well! The subtle saltiness of seafood in the broth might have helped with this, but overall we’d recommend this flavour as a ‘starter’ option for anyone who’s new to halal Japanese ramen and wants to be able to experiment with ingredients ?

Hokkaido Miso

Finally, we arrived at the Hokkaido Miso, which had a strong umami flavour. The broth is not as strong as the other halal Hokkaido ramen we’ve had in restaurants, making this a good chance to try halal Hokkaido-style ramen without it being too overpowering. ? The packet also includes a five-spice powder (another iconic Japanese ingredient!) for those who like to add a spicy kick!

We tried to emulate the richness of Hokkaido-style ramen with marinated chicken strips, marinated soft-boiled egg, sweet corn, and spring onions for texture. Seafood and meat go well with this, as they soak up the richness of the miso which makes the tastes even more intense. ? However lighter ingredients such as vegetables or tofu might help to balance out the richness, which we would recommend for someone who’s craving the umami of miso ramen but still wants a simple dish.

Our Verdict

It’s usually difficult to get authentic Japanese instant ramen that truly conveys the taste of the country. Thanks to NISSIN RAMEN’s line we finally got to get a taste similar to what you might get on the streets of Tokyo! It was really interesting to get to try all 4 flavours – each one has its own unique taste, and we were surprised at how distinct they all were. There’s definitely something for everyone, whether you prefer lighter broths or really hearty meals. ? If you’re craving Japanese food and want to eat it right away, then the convenience and authenticity of NISSIN RAMEN’s line are perfect for you!

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