NEW: Get Up Close With Civets At Night Safari Singapore's First Walk-In Exhibit


Qistina Bumidin •  Jun 09, 2022

This June holidays just got a lot more fun with a new activity for you and your family to try out: getting up close with the nocturnal civets at the Night Safari ? This June, Night Safari will open the park's first walk-in exhibit for seven Common Palm Civets and seven Small-toothed Palm Civets!

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Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Located in the Leopard Trail, you'll get to see these civets at their natural habitat of trees complemented by manmade vines and branches, which is where they spend most of their time at. The feeders are strategically hung in areas near the walkways throughout the habitat so that you can observe the civets' feeding and foraging behaviours up close with no barriers AT ALL! ?

Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Don't worry about your safety though, these tamed animals are harmless! Just remember to stay on the designated pathways, and don't touch or feed the animals!

Common Palm Civets. Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Pssst, did you know that Common Palm Civets and Small-toothed Palm Civets are actually native to Singapore? They've actually been sighted in residential areas as well! ?

Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Two new species will also be making their debut at Night Safari: the Brazilian Porcupine and Grey-handed Night Monkey will take up residence in the new mixed-species habitat featuring small arboreal mammals native to South America! Located at the Fishing Cat Trail, the Brazilian Porcupines has already arrived at the exhibit, while the the Grey-handed Night Monkey will soon join them later this month. Fun fact: did you know that the Grey-handed Night Monkey is one of the few nocturnal monkeys in the WORLD?! ?

There's endless activities to check out in June, so remember to add visiting the Night Safari to the list! ?

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