It'll Soon Be More Expensive To Visit New Zealand (But Here's Why You Still Should!)


Faruq Senin •  Jun 20, 2018

You might have heard the news that New Zealand will be implementing a tourist tax in the second half of next year. It will range from NZD25-35 (approx. USD17-24) and all international visitors staying for 12 months or less will be expected to pay the tax.

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But wait, don't strike it off your bucket list just yet - we're here to tell you why you should STILL visit this amazing country!

1. The tax will help to conserve the natural environment

The New Zealand government says the tourist tax will go to improving the infrastructure and better protect the natural wonders of the country. The increase in tourists in the last few years have caused natural parks to be overcrowded and left with a lot of rubbish. So, this tax will really help to ensure that travellers will have a better experience and enjoy the country's natural beauty, without any disruptions ?

Credit: New Zealand Tourism

So, how do you pay for this tax? It'll be collected together with visa applications and there'll be a new electronic travel authority to ensure that this goes smoothly.

2. Its natural beauty is too stunning to miss

Anyone who's been to New Zealand will tell you that its natural beauty is unparalleled and it is the perfect place where you can capture unbelievably stunning shots. From its breathtaking mountains to naturally colourful lakes, there's just so much beauty to capture and document ?

3. You can still explore NZ on a budget

Who says New Zealand has to be expensive? While most people will tell you that driving is the best way to experience the country, you can get around with public transport which is cheaper and will give you scenic views too. As eating halal food out can be quite pricey, get halal meat from a local supermarket instead and cook your own meal to save on your expenses. You can also choose to stay in hostels which cost an average of just NZD35 per night ? Check out more budget tips here.

Credit: Andrea Lai on Flickr

So, if New Zealand's tourist tax is putting you off from visiting the country, it shouldn't! In the long run, do know that it will benefit travellers and ensure that YOU get to experience the best of its nature. After all, with such gorgeous natural sights, it'll be a pity to give the country a miss just because of a tourist tax ?