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NEW: Will McDonald’s Ninja Burger Overtake The Samurai Burger?


Farzana •  Oct 30, 2017


Move aside Samurai Burger, there's a new warrior in town! McDonald's coming out in full force with the all-new Ninja Burger ? From 2nd November onwards, those living in Singapore are the lucky ones to savour this feisty dish! Question is, are you game enough to try your appetite on this?
With a crispy chicken thigh patty slathered in sweet Japanese Nanban sauce, prepare your tastebuds for some bold spices! Add on sliced cucumbers, Japanese tartar sauce and shredded white cabbage to two toasty charcoal sesame buns and you'll be fighting your way through the queues for a second round ?
Complete your meal with the all-time favourite Seaweed Shaker Fries (in large serving) and cool off afterwards with the Heaven & Earth Green Tea (medium-sized). Or, simply choose to have it ala carte if you can handle the spices without a sip of water ? Available during lunch time, it's the new food to try in town! Don't worry if you're loyal to the Samurai Burger. McDonald's isn't pulling these off the shelves just yet, leaving patrons to savour both the grilled chicken and quarter pounder beef at all outlets!
Shown here is the Samurai beef burger What's a happy meal without desserts? ? Tease your tastebuds with the infusion of a matcha McFlurry with red bean at only $3!
So, are you team Samurai or Ninja? We'll say, why not be both? ? When it comes to food, there's always room for more... in your tummy ?