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NEW: Thumbprint Checks For All Car Travellers At Tuas & Woodlands Checkpoints


Maryam •  Sep 30, 2017


If you're driving to and from Singapore-Malaysia today, you may find that your waiting time to pass through Singapore's land checkpoints has increased- thanks to a recent update in the security clearance protocol at both Tuas and Woodlands checkpoints!
Credit: giphy Singapore's Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has just extended thumbprint scans to car travellers entering and exiting the country at the aforementioned checkpoints. Yes, that's right, all passengers aged 6 and above are required to leave the vehicle, present their passport to the immigration officer, and have both their thumbprints scanned into the Bio Screen system!
Credit: Lianhe Zaobao (via TNP) Any passengers requiring additional assistance (such as the elderly and the disabled), rest assured that officers will be on hand to assess the situation and render necessary assistance. Take a look at the infographic below to know how to clear the new security measure at Tuas and Woodlands checkpoints:
The implementation of BioScreen at immigration counters in the car lanes may result in longer clearance time, according to the ICA in a statement. The ICA added that security at Singapore's checkpoints is a top priority, and that the BioScreen system is important as it enables a more robust verification of travellers’ identities.
Credit: giphy Dear car travellers travelling in and out of Singapore/Malaysia, this means you may have to sit in your car longer waiting to reach the immigration counter today. Make sure to keep hydrated and keep your eyes open- you don't want to be holding up the queue because you fell asleep at the wheel! ?