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JUST IN: McDonald’s SG Is Bringing Back Its Chocolate Pie And We’re Excited


Faruq Senin •  Feb 26, 2018


[UPDATED 20 Feb 2019] Hold your breath because McDonald's Singapore is making all your chocolate dreams come true ? (once again!) Credit: giphy Remember that viral molten lava chocolate pie which made its debut in March last year? It's making a comeback THIS FRIDAY (22 Feb 2019) ? Yes, this was the chocolate pie which was sold out in less than 2 weeks. For those of you who didn't get to savour it, here's your chance to get in line!
Credit: @irenelu_enjoy_life on Instagram If you're wondering how it tastes like, think apple pie, but with a chocolate-flavoured crusted layer and molten lava inside. Yes, THICK. GOOEY. CHOCOLATE. FUDGE.
Credit: @popkimchi_mag on Instagram If you're salivating right now, we can totally understand. Besides Singapore, the chocolate pie has also impressed chocolate lovers in Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and more!
Credit: @wdongkyun on Instagram This might taste SO GOOD you'll never want to eat Apple Pie again. So, what do you say we head over to our favourite fast food joint this Friday and satisfy ALL our chocolate cravings??