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NEW - Samyang's Halal Hot & Spicy Sauce Is Coming To Singapore


Iyesha •  Apr 12, 2019


For all the spice lovers out there! Samyang's Hot & Spicy sauce is now available in Singapore to give some extra spicy Buldak kick to your food! Credit: Giphy There are three flavours available in 200gm bottles which are Original (black bottle), Extremely Spicy (red bottle), and Carbo (pink bottle).
Credit: @samyangfoods on Instagram The Original and Extremely Spicy flavour is based on the original Fire Chicken Ramen Flavour. The third flavour, Carbo, is based on their limited edition Carbo Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen - a mixture of creamy, cheesy, and spice!
Credit: Samyangfoods_Singapore on Facebook Use the multipurpose sauce as a dipping sauce for snacks such as dumplings and nuggets. Drizzle on noodles or pizza, or use it as a cooking sauce to add some spicy kick to your meals ?
Credit: @kspicychickenshahalam on Instagram The halal version of these awesome multipurpose life-changing sauces can be purchased from Shine Korea Singapore in two weeks time ?
Credit: Samyangfoods_Singapore on Facebook Note: As there are non-halal and halal versions in the market, check for the halal logo on the packaging before purchasing if you're buying them elsewhere.