NEW: KFC Unleashes Its Spiciest Chicken Flavour Yet


Farzana •  Nov 14, 2017

The king of spicy fried chicken, KFC is back to challenge your tastebuds once more! From 15 November onwards, those game enough to try the Red Hot Szechuan Chicken, the spiciest ever, will need a glass of milk after- at least that's what they claim ? If you think the infamous Red Hot Chicken is too hot to handle, prepare to set your tongues wagging for milk with this latest addition!

Credit: Giphy

Dunked in devilishly strong Szechuan marinade, glazed with red hot batter and peppered with chilli sprinkles, get ready to switch your Pepsi for that glass of milk ? For the ultimate daredevil, are you ready for the final round of spice battle? Then, put all your eggs in one basket and go all out! Dip your chicken into the Flaming Hot Sauce and see if you can take the challenge!

*KFC Red Hot Meal is priced at $8.50 while the KFC Red Hot Box is yours at $10.20!

After the spice mania, cool down with something sweet on your palate! The Vanilla Custard Puffs pastry are laden with creamy fillings and a dash of sugar on the top! Its so good, you'll buy all five (and get one free!) at $9.50 ☺️

Dive straight in to the Froyo Parfait and tingle your tastebuds with a variety of textures ? Crushed Oreos, soft mini marshmallows and crunchy Froot Loops decorate your natural scoop of froyo at only $3.50!

You won't be dunking your Oreos in milk this time ? Tuck into a plate of chicken bursting with flavours and tell us, are you clucking for water yet? ?