NEW: 5 Awesome Halal Eateries You Can Look Forward To At Changi Airport T3


Faruq Senin •  Nov 29, 2018

Singapore's Changi Airport has constantly been voted one of the best in the world and it's known for a lot of things - awesome facilities, indoor gardens and sleek architecture. Plus, with recent projects like Jewel, it looks like the airport is only going to get better. Not forgetting the wide variety of halal options available there too.

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Speaking of halal food, a couple of awesome halal eateries will be opening at Terminal 3 soon and we've compiled this list just for you!

P.S. Visiting Terminal 3? You'd want to visit the Changi Airport's Wizarding World Holiday event at the Departure Hall, definitely a magical experience for you and your loved ones.

1. Saap Saap Thai & Saap Saap Thai Desserts

Many of you might already know this halal Thai eatery from Our Tampines Hub and IMM as they are known for their yummy boat noodles and succulent Thai-style fried chicken. Now, aren't we glad they are expanding to Changi Airport?Here's some great news, we've contacted them and confirmed that they will open tomorrow (30 Nov 2018)!

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As if the idea of having scrumptious Thai food at the airport isn't appetising enough, check this out. Saap Saap Thai is also opening its dessert store called Saap Saap Thai Desserts ? Their Facebook and Instagram pages haven't revealed much but it looks like they'll be offering traditional Thai desserts with a twist!

Credit: Saap Saap Thai on Facebook

2. So Pho

Juicy and tender beef slices in a flavourful broth? We can't say no to that! Yes, we're talking about the Vietnamese delicacy, pho and where else to sample a halal version of this than at So Pho? With its 15th outlet at Changi Airport, we know we just can't resist tucking into a piping hot bowl of pho when we return from our travels ?

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Other than their delicious pho, you can also look forward to their refreshing spring rolls and prawn cakes. It won't be long before you can say #sophosogood☺️

3. Stuff'd

Why choose between 2 amazing cuisines - Turkish and Mexican - when you can have both at Stuff'd?? This halal kiosk stall has won our hearts with their chicken/beef kebabs and burritos. And the best part is, you can customise your own ingredients!

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Looking for something even more wholesome? Their Daily Bowls will do just the trick ?

P.S. Complete your meal with a fragrant cup of bubble tea at Changi Airport's 24-hour bubble tea shop!

4. Mr Teh Tarik Express

If you're looking for comfort food any time of the day, Mr Teh Tarik Express will always come to the rescue! The best part is, their outlet at Changi Airport is 24 hours ? Serving your authentic Indian fare like Briyani, Prata and Thosai, you'll definitely be left thoroughly satisfied.

Credit: Northpoint City, Singapore on Facebook

Wash down your meal with, of course, their signature teh tarikand other iced drinks like Teh Cino and Milo.

5. Terminal M by MOF

Terminal M is the halal outlet of Ministry of Food (MOF), a highly popular Japanese izakaya chain in Singapore. This new dining spot will be an all-halal food hall and you can look forward to a variety of Korean, Japanese and Chinese cuisines! The best part is, the food hall will be aviation-themed, perfect for all you aviation geeks out there?

Disclaimer: Do note that as these eateries are new, their halal certification might still be in progress. So, do dine at your own discretion!

In case you're wondering, these 5 new halal eateries will be located at a new hangout space at B2 of Terminal 3 and as of now, they haven't announced their opening dates except for Saap Saap Thai. The improvements to this space will be perfect for families who visit the airport on the weekends. For now, we can only wait for the new halal eateries to open but if you're visiting Changi Airport soon, check out these halal places!