NEW: Feast On Halal Korean Fried Chicken At This Hidden Hawker Stall In SG


Faruq Senin •  Mar 07, 2018

Who's a fan of Korean fried chicken??‍♂️ With its taste so juicy and succulent, it's SO hard not to love it. And lucky for us, a new halal Korean fried chicken eatery, Wakerxoppa has just opened at a hidden corner of Tampines!

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Waker Fried Chicken is a Korean fried chicken chain but it has made its way to Singapore's kopitiams, with the ONLY halal outlet in Tampines.

Disclaimer: We've personally checked with Wakerxoppa's owners and they have confirmed that they are Muslim-owned.

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If you want an authentic taste of Korean fried chicken, this is THE place to go as Waker's marinade is shipped all the way from South Korea! Rest assured, the powder-based marinade contains no meat products or alcohol.

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Only fresh chicken is used and it's marinated for 12 hours before it's fried, giving you a flavourful and crispy finish? Try their original or hot and spicy flavours and take your pick from a variety of dipping sauces. Their sauces aren't just limited to traditional soy and Korean sweet & spicy but includes interesting ones like spicy salted egg, lime citrus mayo and even sambal!

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If you're up for a gastronomic adventure, their fusion dishes will excite you! Try Emi's Briyani - a healthier version of briyani using Korean multi-grain rice paired with yummy Waker chicken and curry. Bet you never knew briyani and Korean fried chicken would go well together? You can even have a healthier version of nasi lemak.

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The best part is, the Waker Chicken at Tampines is run together with Oppa Grill (hence the name Wakerxoppa?) which offers halal steamboat and grill. I mean, with such a brilliant combination, who can resist having two delicious meals together?

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The basic hotpot and grill set will cost you just $14 and you can choose from a variety of soup flavours like Korean ginseng chicken and mala. Plus, if you're a big fan of Korean food, you can indulge in their Army Stew or Tteokbokki (Korean rice cake) pot with prices starting from as low as $18! Pretty affordable if you ask me☺️

We're sure your stomach is rumbling just from reading this. So, time to satisfy your Korean food cravings and head to Wakerxoppa with your loved ones for a hearty meal!

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Address: 201C Tampines St 21, Singapore 523201

Operating hours: 10.30am - 9.45pm daily

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