Nasty Bakehouse

This Newly-Opened Halal Bakery, Nasty Bakehouse, Is Serving Unique Pastries


Qistina Roslan •  Feb 16, 2024

Fellow sweet-toothed friends! Singapore has a new bakery in town, Nasty Bakehouse, which promises mouthwatering goodies that will tickle your fancy. If the name sounds familiar, well, it's a bakery opened by the famous Nasty Cookie!

Nasty Cookie is halal-certified and you can learn more about them here!

Where is it?

Nasty Bakehouse is situated at Marina Square, right in the city! This adorable bakery offers a welcoming atmosphere with either a grab-and-go kiosk or a spacious seating area for those who intend to savour the fresh delights.

Goodies Galore - What to expect

Nasty Bakehouse is all about indulging your taste buds to some decadent and delicious sweet (plus some savoury!) treats.

Durian Crescent

This flaky pastry filled with creamy durian filling will definitely be a hit to all durian lovers. The pastry is pretty big and will definitely be a filling snack.

Pain Au Tiramisu

Are you a fan of chocolate and coffee? Well this tiramisu pastry will be your go-to! With the classic flavour puncturing every crevice of this pastry, your tastebuds will have a blast savouring this delectable pastry. Their tiramisu bars are made in-house too!

Raspberry Ribbon

This mouthwatering pastry caught our attention when we saw how much filling there was in it! The bright red stripes add a nice pop of colour to your Instagram photo which pairs adorably with the ribbon-shaped pastry. Enjoy the tart but sweet raspberry filling which will definitely get you craving for more.

What else can you get?

They sell not only pastries but drinks too! Try out their Strawberry Matcha or Maple Cinnamon Latte that's bound to warm your insides. They have savoury options, too, such as Mentaiko Turkey Quiche and Truffle Mushroom Danish. They offer a delicious Banoffee Danish that's definitely on our list of pastries to grab.

So, gather your little ones and head to Nasty Bakehouse for an afternoon of yummy discoveries and family fun! Remember, life is too short to say no to good food, especially when it's halal and family-friendly!

Halal status: Muslim-friendly (Halal certification is in progress. We recommend that you dine at your own discretion.)

Opening hours: Mon-Sun (10.30AM - 9PM)

Address: Marina Square, #02-271, Singapore 039594

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