This Malaysian Woman's Nasi Lemak Is A Major Hit Among Locals In Amsterdam


Ili •  Jul 30, 2021

It's always a treat to indulge in a mouth-watering plate of some of the best nasi lemak in Malaysia. But it's even more of a gem when you get the chance to enjoy it when you're abroad. If you happen to find yourself in the Netherlands, Solehan Manger-Ramli is the person you should be looking to for a taste of this iconic Malaysian dish!

Nasi Lemak Amsterdam: A taste of Malaysian food In Netherlands

Credit: @nasilemak.amsterdam on Instagram

According to The Sun Daily, Solehan moved to the small town of Rumpt (located a 40-minute drive from Amsterdam) several years ago after marrying her Dutch husband. What initially started out as a simple hobby of cooking nasi lemak for friends soon turned into an incredibly lucrative home business. Aptly called 'Nasi Lemak Amsterdam', the online business made its debut in 2017 and has been a major hit among Malaysians residing in Netherlands - including the locals! While the main dish sold is nasi lemak, you can occasionally find other special items as well like laksa and a variety of traditional kuih.

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Credit: @nasilemak.amsterdam on Instagram

Soleha promotes 'Nasi Lemak Amsterdam' through Facebook and Instagram, and she typically receives orders through WhatsApp. The message that arrives? Kan ik nasi lemak met kip rendang bestellen?” (Can I order ayam rendang nasi lemak?) ?

In an interview with Bernama, Soleha shared that a normal nasi lemak set costs €6 (RM30) while the ayam rendang nasi lemak set is priced at €8 (RM40) in Amsterdam. "Such rates are normal over here in Europe and customers understand the difficulty of obtaining the authentic ingredients from Malaysia," she explained.

Credit: @nasilemak.amsterdam on Instagram

Throughout the period of the pandemic, Soleha's business actually became more popular due to an increase in orders from her fellow Malaysians - presumably from those who are unable to fly back home and miss the taste of local food. But even with the recent relaxing of restrictions, orders continue to stream in only this time from local customers in nearby villages.

With the success of 'Nasi Lemak Amsterdam', Soleha dreams of opening up her very own Malaysian restaurant in Netherlands and we can't wait to visit it one day in the future! ?

Nasi Lemak Amsterdam

Address: Dorpsdijk 39 4156AL Rumpt, Netherlands

Contact: +31 6 46194393

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