This Japanese Biopark’s Instagram Runs Lives Of Capybaras Chilling In Hot Springs


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Jan 21, 2022

Ever miss travelling and wished you could just get a little taste of it to feed your wanderlust? Well, now you can! It seems that there’s a Japanese biopark that has been running livestreams of their animals and it’s both adorable and immersive. You’ll feel like you’re actually there, watching local animals interact with the visitors, or just chill in the hot springs! 

Nagasaki Biopark’s Hotspring Capybaras 

Nagasaki, located on Japan’s Kyushu Island, is known for its volcanoes, historic buildings and hot spring spas. And it’s no wonder - its rich history as a port as well as its rich geographical landscape has left it filled with exciting activities and things to do and see! 

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Credit: erikabocalan on Instagram

With a cluster of volcanic belts running under Kyushu, Nagasaki is home to many hot springs that come from heated groundwater near volcanoes. Amusingly, this little geographical ditty has become bath water for many curious and adorable animals, such as Nagasaki biopark’s Capybaras!

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Credit: ngsbiopark on Instagram

Nagasaki Biopark is not the standard zoo. Instead of animals living in enclosures, the park features animals living the way they would in the wild. So much so that many animals that thrives in the park can be interacted with! There is no boundary between you and the animals.

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Credit: ngsbiopark on Instagram

The best part about this? The park’s capybaras have found enjoyment in the hot springs that call Nagasaki biopark home, and they’ve made for an adorable watch ?

Credit: ngsbiopark on Instagram

Popular with visitors of the park and an international audience at home, the seeming indifferent expressions splashed across the capybara’s faces make for an adorable sight. Especially with the idea that they enjoy chilling in hot springs. Just look at them!

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Credit: ngsbiopark on Instagram

Of course, the park is home to more than just fuzzy, expressionless hot spring-loving animals. The biopark is also home to the lovable alpaca, feisty kangaroos and even the inquisitive raccoon! 

The biopark holds livestreams for the animals, allowing you to fawn over the park’s adorable creatures. As the sound of the hot spring’s gurgling takes over and the laughter of the park’s visitors fills the air, it’ll be just like you’re in Japan!