Is MyeongDong Topokki Halal? Here's What You Need To Know


Cheng Sim •  Aug 14, 2023

The journey of finding halal Korean food in Malaysia never ends. Whether we're slurping up halal Korean instant noodles for supper or treating ourselves to halal Korean restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, it'll transport our tastebuds to our favourite city in South Korea. If you're a fan of Korean food, you're definitely familiar with MyeongDong Topokki in Malaysia. However, you might be wondering, 'Is MyeongDong Topokki halal?'. If you're looking for answers, here's everything you need to know.

What is MyeongDong Topokki?

Credit: MyeongDong Topokki on Facebook

Established in 2014, MyeongDong Topokki describes themselves as a fast casual Korean restaurant. As a popular franchise in Malaysia that serves Korean street food, diners can enjoy a variety of options, including their signature Myeongdong Topokki and famous favourites like Ganjang Chi-Ken, Dakgalbi Chicken Deopbap, Yangnyeom Chi-Ken and Rabokki. Besides their outlets in Malaysia, you can also find MyeongDong Topokki in Indonesia.

Is MyeongDong Topokki halal?

Credit: MyeongDong Topokki on Facebook

As of June 2021, MyeongDong Topokki in Malaysia is halal-certified by JAKIM, which is great for our Muslim friends who enjoy eating halal Korean food in Malaysia! We hope this article clarifies some of the questions you have about the halal status of MyeongDong Topokki! The most assured way to know you're getting halal Korean food is by dining in halal-certified or Muslim-owned Korean restaurants in Malaysia. If you spot any halal Korean restaurants in Malaysia that are worth visiting, let us know and we'll continue to share it with our community!