NEW: MYAirline Suspends Operations Effective Today


Cheryl Yew •  Oct 12, 2023

MYAirline, a local budget carrier, has abruptly halted its operations, leaving affected customers with a challenging situation. The airline issued a statement early this morning (12th October) on its social media pages.

Credit: MYAirline Facebook

The airline had closed its sales office and counters at KLIA2, with no staff available to assist. This unexpected development comes less than a year after MYAirline began serving domestic routes, and financial difficulties are cited as the primary cause for the suspension.

Although MYAirline has expressed its intention to resume operations in the future, it cannot provide a specific timeline for this. The airline's statement did not mention refunds, and customers are instructed to direct their inquiries to a general Customer Care email address at [email protected].

This suspension occurred just four days after the departure of CEO Rayner Teo, who left the company due to health reasons. In his absence, Stuart Cross, the Chief Operating Officer, has taken over as the interim CEO. In an announcement about Rayner's departure, MYAirline affirmed its commitment to ongoing operations and indicated that it is finalizing strategic partnerships with undisclosed collaborators. Interestingly, the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) extended the airline's Air Operator Certificate (AOC) for an additional 24 months the day after the suspension.

Consequently, this abrupt turn of events may have taken many by surprise, especially MYAirline customers who now must make alternative travel arrangements on their own.