My Bucket List Photo at Burj Khalifa


Takeem Mura •  Feb 26, 2020

Burj Khalifa 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Ticking one of my bucket lists in Burj Khalifa is a dream come true. No doubt with its

architecturally stunning, amazing views from the top and while going up to the top there is a lot

of videos and fun facts about how the building was made. Even though the ticket is a bit pricey,

but it’s worth once for a lifetime.

For the view, it really surpasses my expectation but the reality is the place is quite crowded when I get

there as I went about 8 pm in order to see the city by night, I need to queue at least 1 hr before

the time stated on ticket as the queue was slow inside due to security checks. So make sure you

plan your time accordingly.

The Burj Khalifa is located beside Dubai Mall. You can travel with Dubai Metro, take the Red Line to

Burj Khalifa Station. Then you can take the F13 bus and get off at the Dubai Mall Bus Stop. The water

'ballet' in the evening is a must to see. The best time for the view to visit the Burj Khalifa is at sunset.

However, keep in mind that reservations between 4 PM and 6 PM are considered 'prime hours' and,

thus, cost more. But if you prefer with less crowd then you should visit earlier in the morning.

If you're planning to catch the sunset, it's recommended you book 30 days in advance an entry time

approximately 90 minutes prior or if you planning to avoid the crowds and not be fighting over

window space for your photos, I advise booking a tour earlier in the day. It is every half hour and

lasts for approximately 15 minutes The lift acceleration/ deceleration is extremely smooth, so you

hardly know you are moving. up on 125/ 126th floors, the views are beautiful. Don’t forget to try

popular American burger joint Shake Shack. This New York-based eatery has six outlets in Dubai,

and given that they are halal, it would be a shame not to dine there! The outlet in Dubai Mall is located

at Level 1, close to The Waterfalls art installation.

As all the windows are tinted you need to be clever when taking photos as the flash/ inside

building lights will reflect back on the windows hence not getting great photos especially as we

went for the evening view. There is a closed and a semi-open bit, so you can poke cameras

through to avoid glare & reflection. Great experience and definitely worth going to tick one of your

bucket lists.