If you’re anything like me, you come from a very large extended family. Both my father and my mother come from large families, with originally nine siblings each, so family gatherings and Hari Raya have always been big, boisterous and packed affairs. As my extended family has grown, with my cousins and I growing up and beginning the next generation of kids in the family, getting together as a group has become an increasingly arduous task, especially in terms of fitting under one roof 😂

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Which is why as of recent years, we’ve been opting to have gatherings, family days, or short getaways at places away from home. It gives us a chance to get an accommodation that has ample space for all of us, where we can enjoy facilities we might not have at home, and best of all, we don’t have to do a massive clean-up when everyone leaves! And luckily in Malaysia, there has been an increasing number of accommodations meant to tailor to large families or groups, and we’ve rounded up some of the best ones for you!

1. Desa Balqis Beach Resort (Kuala Linggi, Melaka)

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Desa Balqis Beach Resort has become known as THE place for families or groups if you’re looking for a kampung-style getaway. The resort sits on a sprawling property, with more than 15 houses all built in the traditional Malay style. The houses themselves are cutely named after familial Malay terms such as Pak Long, Pak Su, Nenek, Pak Anjang and Atok.

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Don’t expect luxurious furnishings – the resort’s decor is meant to be true to the kampung setting. Desa Balqis’ houses vary in size – you have the option for rooms (meant for 1 -2 pax) in the smaller houses (such as Pakcik), houses meant for 2 – 4 pax (such as Atok and Nenek), and it goes all the way up to the largest unit Pak Ngah (RM1,000 per night), which can sleep up to 15 pax. The large number of units available make it great for extra big groups to gather and many a family day has been held here 😁


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The resort’s facilities include a swimming pool, access to the nearby beach, a restaurant, barbecue pits and a surau. In addition, your stay comes with free breakfast!

Website | Facebook | Instagram
Capacity: >50 (depending on number of units booked)
Rates per night: Starting from RM150 per night. Larger units (catering for 8 or more pax) start from RM850 per night.
Contact no.: +60 3-4022 7728
Address: KM 50, Kampung Bukit Darat, Kuala Linggi, Kuala Sungai Baru, Masjid Tanah 78200, Melaka

2. Casa Titik (Cherating, Pahang)

Credit: Casa Titik on Facebook

Why not have a family gathering at a Spanish-style beachside villa tucked away on private property in Kuantan? This charming accommodation originally began as a cluster of chalets that was run as an inn in the 1960s, which later made way for the current building. While it was originally intended to be a family home, the original owner’s grandchildren decided to open it up as a homestay 😊

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The villa has 10 rooms in varying sizes ranging from standard and deluxe rooms (that are meant for two people), all the way to a King Suite (which can fit six people). You can choose to rent the entire villa (which can fit up to 30 people and gives you private access to the facilities on the property), or if not, you can rent specific rooms that cater to your needs.

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The villa has two swimmings pools, a jacuzzi, a dining area (where meals can be provided for at your additional request), a kitchen and barbeque facilities, as well a function room. In addition, the courtyard provides ample space for any games or for the kids to run around. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a pathway from the property that leads to the beach, where there is also a horse-riding facility kids can go for (at additional cost). There is also ample parking space, so you won’t have to worry about overcrowding with cars.

Website | Facebook | Instagram
Capacity: Up to 30 people
Rates per night: From RM174 (for Standard room). For the entire villa, rates start from RM3,050 per night
Contact no.: +60 19-938 9620
Address:27105, Jalan Kuantan-Kemaman, Kampong Cherating, Pahang, Malaysia 26080

3. Glamgoat Aman Dusun Orchard & Farm Retreat (Hulu Langat, Selangor)


Credit: Glamgoat Aman Dusun Farm Retreat on Facebook

Aman Dusun is a wonderful farm and orchard located in Hulu Langat. This unique place sits on a property by the river and is surrounded by fruit trees and greenery. The name Glamgoat comes from the fact that it also has a goat farm that produces delicious dairy products include goat’s milk, yoghurt and cheese! The retreat is owned by a wonderful couple – Ris, one-half of that couple, is also an architect who designed the buildings on the retreat 😊

Credit: Glamgoat Aman Dusun Farm Retreat on Facebook

The retreat has two houses on the property  – The Blue House (which can accommodate up to 14 guests) and The Riverview House (which can accommodate up to 10 people). Both houses come with fully-equipped kitchens so you can do your own cooking if you prefer, and breakfast is included when you book a stay at either accommodation. The Riverview House has more regular rooms (including two bedrooms plus an additional loft in the master bedroom), while The Blue House has a more open-plan layout, with a loft on the first floor filled with most of the beds (good for slumber-party style gatherings and late-night chats 😉).

Credit: Glamgoat Aman Dusun Farm Retreat on Facebook

The Riverview House comes with an infinity pool as well as a large verandah that’s perfect for lazing around. There’s plenty to do around the property, including fishing at the river, playing badminton at the open space around the two houses, or swimming in the pool. But even better, you can have the opportunity to get a tour of the farm and the orchard by Ris herself! It’s a wonderful treat for kids and adults alike as you meet the goats up-close and see how they get taken care of.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | AirBnB
Capacity: Up to 24 pax (if booking both houses)
Rates per night: Starting from RM1,100 for The Riverview House and RM1,300 for The Blue House
Contact no.: +60123950503
Address: 1173 Dusun Tua Batu 16 Hulu Langat Selangor, 43100

4. Eight Acres Resort (Raub, Pahang)

Credit: @eight_acres on Instagram

Nestled within palm plantations in Raub lies Eight Acres, a nature-focused resort that is the perfect setting to have a relaxed retreat with our loved ones. The resort sits on a large area surrounde by fruit trees, vegetation, a lake, and even a nearby waterfall!

Credit: @eight_acres on Instagram

Eight Acres has a few accommodations available, from houses that are suitable for 3 – 6 people to larger buildings – its Hill View accommodation has two family bedrooms and a dormitory that can altogether fit up to 24 people, while The Brick House has six bedrooms and can accommodate up to 25 people – both are perfect for large families! A stay at the resort comes with all your meals provided for (with halal ingredients used and no alcohol allowed on the premises), so you won’t have to worry about food.

Credit: @eight_acres on Instagram

The resort offers plenty of activities that are suitable for all ages – from just walking around the beautiful grounds of the property, to taking a dip at the waterfall, to fishing at the lake and seeing the many animals on the property, you and your family will have a wonderful, nature-filled break 😊

Website | Facebook | Instagram
Capacity: >50 pax (depending on the number of accommodations booked)
Contact no.: +60 3-7877 5048
Address: Lot 7822, Mukim Gali, Off Jalan Sungai Klau, Raub 27630, Malaysia, Raub 27630

5. Rumah Kebun Residence (Hulu Langat, Selangor)

Credit: RumahKebun on Facebook

This AirBnb-listed accommodation is the second accommodation on our list to be nestled within the lush forests of Hulu Langat. Rumah Kebun (which translates into Garden House), is a beautiful bungalow located in a tranquil setting not too far from the city that would make for a peaceful weekend getaway.

Credit: RumahKebun on Facebook

Rumah Kebun can fit about 16 people across 4 bedrooms (with 11 beds) and 4 bathrooms. There is a fully-functional kitchen so you can prepare your meals, and the house has a plunge pool that is sure to be a hit with the family. There is also an alfresco dining area great for outdoor communal meals, hammocks, chickens that roam the area, and a river that runs along the property 😊

Credit: @idoraqatrunnada on Instagram

Facebook | Instagram | AirBnB
Capacity: 16+ pax
Rates per night: RM1,500 on AirBnB

Contact no.: Via AirBnB or Facebook
Address: Kampung Sungai Semungkis Batu 14 1/2 Hulu Langat, Langat, Selangor, Malaysia 43100

6. Agrofarmstay Resort @Skill-Tech (Machap, Melaka)

Credit: @agrofarmstay on Instagram

Agrofarmstay markets itself as a holiday vacation spot for nature lovers that is perfect for big groups and events, be it a family day, a team-building trip or even weddings! This peaceful resort is located amidst rubber and palm plantations and has plenty of greenery, including fruit trees and ponds with water lilies.

Credit: Agrofarmstay

The resort has three villas that are perfect for large groups – Villa Anggerik (can fit up to 20 people across 9 bedrooms), Villa Sakura (can fit up to 20 people across 6 bedrooms), and Villa Mawar (can fit up to 16 guests across 6 bedrooms). In addition to the villas, there are also other smaller houses and chalets that can accommodate smaller groups of guests. There’s even a campsite that can accommodate up to 80 people!

Credit: @agrofarmstay on Instagram

You’ll find no shortage of activities here – you can swim in the resort’s pool, go kayaking, have a barbeque, sing in the karaoke room, go fishing, and pet the animals at the Pet House – either way you’ll be in for a great time! The ample amd spacious grounds also mean its a great place for hosting telematch games or other fun family shenanigans.

Website | Instagram
Capacity: From 16 pax onwards (for a villa, and also depends on how many accommodations you book)
Rates per night: Villas start from RM700 onwards
Contact no.:  +60122118246
Address: Lot 453, Batu 13, Jalan Tebang / Machap, 76100, Melaka

7. Rimba Hang Kasturi (Jonker Street, Melaka)

Credit: Rimba Hang Kasturi, Melaka Heritage Residence on Facebook

Rimba Hang Kasturi is also located in Melaka, but as opposed to the remote Agrofarmstay Resort that’s nestled away from town, Rimba Hang Kasturi sits right along the famous Jonker Street in Melaka Town! This beautiful accommodation was converted from an old shophouse into a stylish and modern venue with a courtyard and pool 😍

Credit: Rimba Hang Kasturi, Melaka Heritage Residence on Facebook

Rimba Hang Kasturi can fit up to 14 guests across its four bedrooms, and you won’t have to worry about fighting for bathrooms, because there are 6 bathrooms in total! The house comes with a kitchen where you can prepare your meals, but with Jonker Street being just a short walk away, you can easily opt to go buy some yummy local treats.

Credit: Rimba Hang Kasturi, Melaka Heritage Residence on Facebook

One thing to note is that given the villa’s prime location, parking is a bit scarce – you’ll have the choice to opt for street-side parking, or alternatively park at an open car park that’s located nearby,

Facebook | Instagram | AirBnB
Capacity: Up to 14 pax
Rates per night: RM1,100 on AirBnB
Contact no.: +60 16-335 0371
Address: 70, Jalan Hang Kasturi Melaka 75200

8. Bird of Paradise Villa (Genting Sempah, Pahang)

Credit: Bird of Paradise at Tropika Getaway on Facebook

How does a retreat to the cooler air of the highlands sound like? Pretty good, if you ask me! Bird of Paradise Villa is a boutique bungalow located in Genting Sempah, not too far away from KL. The bungalow sits at the foothills of Genting Highlands and boasts some pretty wonderful views.

Credit: Bird of Paradise at Tropika Getaway on Facebook

The bungalow has bed space for 22 people, with an additional 10 mattresses available for extra people. It also has pretty much all the amenities you would need, including 8 bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, parking space, and a game room which has a pool table. It also has an infinity pool, a jacuzzi and an outdoor deck! With the fresh air and the greenery surrounding the house, you’ll be able to chill and relax with your family in a great setting.

Website | Facebook

Capacity: Up to 32 pax
Rates per night: From RM3,000 (based on 22 pax). You can refer to the full price listing here.
Contact no.: +6012-358 6666 / +6016-227 1103
Address: 65 Jalan Rimba 2, Taman Puncak Rimba, Genting Sempah, Pahang, 28750

9. Templer Park Rainforest Retreat (Rawang, Selangor)

Credit: @pollyannagj on Instagram

Located only about an hour’s drive away from KL, the Temple Park Rainforest Retreat is located among the lush greenery of the Kanching Forest Reserve in Rawang. Sprawling across 3 acres of the land, the retreat lies within view of some beautiful limestone formations and promises a serene getaway for your entire family.

Credit: Temple Park Rainforest Retreat on Facebook

There are two houses available at the retreat. The first is the Villa, a two-storey building which houses between 6 – 16 people across 4 bedrooms (all with attached bathrooms). The second accommodation, the Container, has five bedrooms and can fit between 10 – 30 people. The Container also has a multipurpose room that can be used for group activities. Kitchen facilities are available for cooking, (or you can arrange external caterers to provide food), and breakfast supplies (such as bread, butter, jam and eggs) are provided for you to prepare a nice simple meal in the mornings.

Credit: Temple Park Rainforest Retreat on Facebook

The vast array of activities available mean that there’s something from everyone – besides an infinity swimming pool, kids’ splash pool and a jacuzzi, there are the lush grounds that you can wander about, nearby waterfalls, jungle trekking trails, and even hot springs (located about 15 minutes drive away).

Website | Facebook | Instagram
Capacity: 6 – 16 pax (for the villa)
Rates per night: From RM1,000 (you can refer to the full price list here)
Contact no.: +6016 203 8562
Address: 22, Jalan 3/2, Templer Heights, Templer Park, 48000 Rawang, Selangor

And that wraps up our list! With an increasing number of accommodations that are catered for large groups become available, there’s no excuse to not go on a getaway with your family, no matter how big 🤗 Go forth and start planning your next family day!

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