9 Attractions You Must See At Jurong Bird Park Before It Closes


Syahirah Mazlan •  Sep 07, 2022

If you haven’t already heard, Jurong Bird Park will be closing on 3 January 2023 to be rehousing themselves as part of the Mandai Nature Reserve. ?Although its good news that it’s not closing for good, surely you’ve had some fond memories of visiting the park as a kid of even with your friends and loved ones. So we’ve compiled these attractions you must see at (the original) Jurong Bird Park one more time before it closes next year!

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1. Bird Feeding Sessions

Credit: Jurong Bird Park

If you like to get up close and personal with the birds, the bird feeding sessions are the best way to do it. ? Simply purchase some bird feed from the website online (as you book your slot) and walk in to feed the birds! There are so many different kinds that we guarantee you’ll be thoroughly entertained! The best part of this attraction is that all proceeds will help to fund the park’s wildlife conservation efforts in the region.

2. Penguin Coast

Credit: berkins on Instagram

What’s cuter than seeing a penguin? Seeing a flock of penguins! ?The Penguin Encounter attraction will let you view the penguins in their enclosure and marvel at their cuteness. But not only will you be able to see the penguins up close, but you’ll also get to see the keepers feeding them too! This is the best time to gawk at them with your oo’s and ahh’s (even we can’t resist these adorable beings!).

3. Birdz of Play

Credit: Jurong Bird Park

If you have young ones in tow, Birdz of Play is somewhere you won’t want to miss. Let your little one splash around the bird-themed water playground with HUGE bird statues decorating the area! ? There are both wet and dry play zones on this playground, as well as a multi-purpose pavilion and a games room for older children. ? Older kids can have water fights by squirting each other with the “Little Sqwerts Fish and Duck”. There are also fun slides and a splash zone where they can get soaked under an overhanging, tipping bucket. Meanwhile, adults can relax at the sheltered pavilion and retail shop as the kids tire themselves out!

4. Waterfall Aviary

Credit: Jurong Bird Park

This iconic attraction is a must-visit when you come to Jurong Bird Park! Everyone seems to recognise it, making it a symbol of an icon at the park. The water from the waterfall is a cooling and refreshing experience away from the hustle and bustle. ?Don’t forget to snap a few pics at this location because even we’re not sure if they’ll be a waterfall feature at the Madai Reserve!

5. Flamingo Lake

If you walk the walk, you better talk the talk (the birds don’t talk). We all know how flamingos are! Their confident strutt just mesmerises anyone. ?And there’s a whole lake dedicated to these pink and fluffy birds! If you can’t get enough of them, the Flamingo Pool is just a stone’s throw away.

6. African Treetops

On the top tier of the feeding tower, you can experience a 360-degree rainforest canopy walk. When the days are cooler, the birds fly together in iridescent flocks. As you descend to the lower tier, you may see ground-dwelling birds foraging for food (which is an adorable sight)! ?There are many species of birds within this area like the Red-crested Turaco, Von der Decken Hornbill, and various Starlings of many colours!

7. Breeding and Research Centre

Credit: Jurong Bird Park

Hatchlings are brought to this centre to be evaluated and checked. They’re housed in “brooders” which keep them warm and safe from the environment. You can also visit the incubation room where abandoned eggs and eggs of rare species are brought to increase their chances of hatching! ? Learning about these processes may make fall even more in love with these birds.

8. Birds of Prey

Credit: Jurong Bird Park

Birds of Prey are one of the world’s most fascinating hunters! For a more rugged adventure, stop by the Birds of Prey enclosure to see species like Hooded Vulture, Philippine Eagle, and many more in action. ? If you’re brave enough, you can even take the Birds of Prey tour and learn how to handle these predatory creatures.

9. Dinosaur Descendant 

Credit: Jurong Bird Park

The extinction of dinosaurs may have many stretching their heads for an answer but at Jurong Bird Park, you can see the descendants of the world’s most feared dinosaurs! ? And if you don’t believe in this attraction, feathers have been found on dinosaur fossils which suggest that they were a species that have evolved into birds. You have to visit to get the whole lowdown!

Hurry to Jurong Bird Park for your next trip down memory lane. While we don’t have to worry about the birds too much since they’ll be moving to a new home, making memories should also be something we look forward to! ?