The Ultimate Muslim-Friendly Insider Guide For The Best Experience At SG’s Wildlife Parks


Nabillah •  Mar 29, 2018

If you’re reading this, you’re probably planning a trip down to some of Singapore’s most-visited attractions! Or perhaps you’re contemplating whether they’re worth a visit?

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Well, let us convince you that the wildlife parks are not to be missed! We made the trip down to the parks ourselves, so you have all the insider’s scoop to truly get the best out of your visit ?

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1. Embark on exclusive behind-the-scenes tours with manatees and more!

The wildlife parks’ exclusive behind-the-scenes tours give you an opportunity to really get to know animals like the gentle manatees and often misunderstood reptile friends!?

Manatees may look huge and imposing from behind the viewing glass, but you’ll find that they’re really gentle creatures when you get up close to them. Follow the knowledgeable keepers behind the scenes to feed these peaceful ‘sea cows’ with vegetables and their favourite high-fibre pellets.

We were amazed to see how they used their mouths as hands to grab their food! They also appreciate soft pats on their heads so be sure to reward them for being patient with their food. You can book your slot for the tour here.

One of our greatest fears included snakes and boy, did we tremble at the behind-the-scenes tour of Reptopia. But we faced our fears and came to be intrigued by them! Here, the passionate keepers will introduce you to many reptiles under the care of Singapore Zoo.

Get real close to  a bearded dragon, a snake and some geckos for the ultimate experience. Who knows – you might just find yourself feeling more affectionate than scared of these intriguing animals! Book your behind-the-scenes tour of Reptopia here!

2. Get up close and personal with your favourite wildlife friends!

One of our favourite reasons for visiting the wildlife parks is to learn more about the animals through their behaviours and interactions. We found that the parks’ feeding sessions are a great way to do so!

For a small fee of SGD5 you can feed your favourite animals such as giraffes, rhinoceroses, elephants and more! The best part of it? All proceeds from the feedings goes towards wildlife conservation!

The lories at Jurong Bird Park will literally fly to you and perch on your arm as they enjoy the cup of feed you’ll be holding in your hand.

#HHWT Tip: Visit the Lory Loft between 11am to 11.30am as they are more likely to be hungry around this time and thus, more of them will fly to you for food!

You can also watch the keepers at Singapore Zoo feed their beloved animals for free at various timings, which you will find here. Interestingly, the elephant keepers learn the Sinhalese language so that they can communicate with these gentle giant creatures!

#HHWT Tip: Come for the earliest feeding at 9.15am and you’ll get to watch the elephants bathe! We couldn’t help but squeal as we watched them enter the water gleefully and enjoy eating their buckets of fruits.

3. Experience a one-of-a-kind dining experience with wildlife!

Ever thought of having a meal with the wildlife? Well, this experience lets you do just that! Enjoy the company of some of the friendliest animals while you dine, observe their natural behaviours right before your eyes and interact with them! Their keepers will also be present to share more about them with you.

Savour a delicious continental breakfast with a family of Orangutans and learn more about these endearing primates at the Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife at Singapore Zoo. This award-winning and halal-certified dining experience is sure to fuel you up for the rest of your time in the park.

Don’t miss the chance to take a photo with them! Limited seats are available per day, so be sure to make your reservations in advance here.

If you love these feathery friends, you can also Lunch With Parrots in Jurong Bird Park! From 12pm to 2pm daily, enjoy a buffet spread of Asian cuisine cooked from a halal-certified kitchen at the Songbird Terrace. Witness the cute parrots at play!

These amazing birds are known to be among the smartest animals. Watch as their very own Picasso paints an art piece using the colours chosen by you! You can also purchase his masterpiece to contribute to the conservation and upkeep of the birds in the park ?

Fun-packed with other tricks up their sleeves, this highly interactive show begins at 1pm and only lasts half an hour, so be sure to grab your seats by then! Speaking of getting your seats, Lunch With Parrots is also a crowd favourite, so we highly recommend booking your spot online in advance.

4. Fill your tummies with halal food available in all four parks.

Yes, you read that right – besides the unique dining offers with wildlife, there are plenty of other halal food options to fill your tummies before and after your day out and about. ?

Grab a quick bite from KFC right outside Singapore Zoo and if you’re not in the mood for fast food, Ah Meng Kitchen is just across with local favourites up for offers. These restaurants are outside the entrance, so you can also get your meals here for options near River Safari and Night Safari.

If you’re hungry while exploring Singapore Zoo, don’t worry! KFC has another outlet inside the park’s Rainforest KidzWorld. Chawang Bistro and Ah Meng Restaurant are alternative options you can find within the park too.

#HHWT Tip: Although there have yet to be prayer spaces available in Singapore Zoo, you can approach one of the staff at the reception counters for assistance and they will provide you with a prayer mat and a room. You can also perform your ablutions in a nearby toilet. ?

The first thing you see once you arrive at Jurong Bird Park is the Hawk Café, serving up local food and thirst-quenching drinks to gear you up for a fun-filled day. Alternatively, you can indulge in some pizzas from Pizza Hut Express inside the park. We suggest getting takeaway for the rest of your day, so you’re all prepared for your next meal at one of the many rest stops available ?

5. Learn interesting fun facts with free guided tours and shows!

Does Ah Meng have a favourite snack? Which of the  elephants are more playful? Find out during the free keeper interaction sessions where the keepers share more engaging fun facts on the animals and their behaviours! Having spent a significant amount of time with the animals, there’s no better person to gain insight into the animals’ way of life.

From the irresistibly cute cotton-top tamarins to elephants and even the majestic white tiger, there’s a huge variety of species you can learn about! Plan your trip in advance by finding out the various timings for the Keepers’ Chit-chat here.

Cotton-top Tamarin

#HHWT Tip: Get the ParkHopper Plus tickets for cheaper entrances to all 4 parks and learn about a wide variety of wildlife species from the Keepers' Chit-chat sessions!

6. Don't miss the chance to visit the most unique creatures!

Did you know? The 4 parks are home to some animals which can only be seen by the public in Singapore! The Spix’s macaw in Jurong Bird Park is a great example!

Find them familiar? It’s probably because the Spix’s macaw and its conservation issues were what inspired the main character in the movie Rio! In the world, only 150 of them are left with most being kept hidden for conservation in Qatar and Brazil. Jurong Bird Park is truly the only place where they’re available for public viewing.

Singapore Zoo also recently underwent some renovations and is now home to the largest breeding group of the endangered proboscis monkeys outside of its range countries. Explore further into the zoo to find their enlarged enclosure and find out why these interesting animals with humanlike behaviour are endangered!

Walk over to the Australasia exhibit and try to spot the tree kangaroos next! If you always thought kangaroos can only jump, this will surprise you: tree kangaroos feel more comfortable staying in the trees, just as their name suggests ? These species of marsupials come from Papua New Guinea and there are only 50 in human care globally, with 5 currently living in Singapore Zoo.

Head on to the River Safari and coo at the Capybaras! This adorable creature comes from South America and are dubbed among the friendliest animals in the world. Get on board the River Safari Amazon River Quest and keep your eyes peeled for them!

#HHWT Tip: If you’re interested to contribute to conservation efforts, post an upside-down picture on social media with the hashtag #TogetherForWildlife. For every upside-down photo you post, Wildlife Reserves Singapore will pledge SGD$1 to the wildlife conservation fund!

7. Surprise yourself with hidden finds by exploring the walking trails.

We highly recommend heading on the walking trails before exploring the parks by tram to beat the crowd ? It’s also best to maximise your energy and feast your eyes on more hidden things that would be harder to notice while on the tram!

It's easy to miss hidden animals if you’re not taking your time to observe, like this Spoonbill!

This is especially so for Night Safari! As queues for trams generally tend to be shorter later in the night. You’ll surely reward yourself with more hidden sights, like on this Wallaby trail!

Don’t worry about the darkness of the night; the park is actually well-lit for you to spot the animals and you can enjoy your time there without worrying about getting lost! At the end, wrap up your exploration with a fascinating 40-minute tram ride around the park.

8. Immerse yourself in creative thematic experiences.

This season, the Singapore Zoo built the Land of Giants to immerse visitors fully in the world of bugs! Look out for these giant spiders and strike your best pose for a one-of-a-kind Insta-worthy picture.

The Land of Giants is a seasonal exhibit, so catch it before it ends! Otherwise, watch out for updates on other seasonal exhibits to come.

Additionally, there’s a permanent thematic experience in the Singapore Zoo called Reptopia, home to reptiles from around the world.

Be delighted by the bearded dragons’ whimsical antics and watch in amazement as the huge, long pythons slither in their enclosures! Reptopia was also recently revamped so if you haven’t been there in a while, this is worth planning a trip there soon!

9. Capture a memorable photo at one of the tallest manmade waterfalls.

Don’t miss out on this 35m (13 storeys high!) indoor waterfall in Jurong Bird Park, one of the tallest manmade ones in the world. The sight is truly one to behold!

Don't forget to do some bird watching while you’re at it! The Waterfall Aviary also has some extraordinary free-ranging birds, like this Masked Lapwing. It certainly stopped us in our tracks!

#HHWT Tip: The best time to spot the huge variety of birds in the aviary would be during the keeper’s chit chat and feeding sessions at 10.30am and 2.30pm!

10. Save money by purchasing ParkHopper Plus tickets for all four parks!

Can’t wait to visit all four parks for these experiences? The best way to visit all four parks would be to purchase a ParkHopper Plus ticket as you can save more than 40% on entrance fees, inclusive of all tram ride fares! It doesn’t have to cost much to see your favourite animals in action ?

For SGD$88 per adult and SGD$68 per children aged 6 to 12, you get to enter ALL 4 parks and hop on board the trams without extra payment. This also includes the River Safari’s Amazon River Quest! It’s perfect for elderly visitors and kids who cannot walk far distances.

We highly recommend booking your tickets online and ahead of your trip. This gives you more time to explore!

#HHWT Tip: Remember to equip yourself with some insect repellent, a hat, an umbrella/poncho and a water bottle! Water fountains are available in various spots around the 4 wildlife parks, so you can refill your bottle any time.

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With all these tips and exciting updates on the wildlife parks in Singapore, it’s definitely time to plan your next outdoor trip there! Perfect for kids, animal lovers and really, anyone who would love to have a day out with wildlife and find out more them. We certainly had a fun time exploring all the parks – now it’s time for yours! Your fulfilling day out awaits ?

This article is brought to you by Wildlife Reserves Singapore.