DIN by Din Tai Fung: Get Your Halal Xiao Long Bao Fix In KL And JB


Ili •  Dec 29, 2022

So, you’ve dined at delicious banana leaf rice joints and indulge in some of KL’s flavourful nasi lemak eateries. Where then, should one begin when it comes to the Chinese food scene? While it may be overwhelming to think of all the char kuey teows and Hokkien mees out there, let us guide you through this by starting off with an internationally loved dish: soup dumplings, also known as xiao long bao!

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Finding a good soup dumpling spot can be pretty tricky (especially when it’s usually made of pork), but we’re here to tell you that one of the best places to experience this wonderful dish is at DIN by Din Tai Fung.Disclaimer: This article features an eatery that serves alcohol. We recommend that you dine at your own discretion.

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Did you know that Din Tai Fung started out as a cooking oil retail shop? The founder decided to dedicate half the store to selling xiaolongbao which then quickly became a hit! The growing popularity of the dumplings caused Din Tai Fung to transform into a fully-fledged restaurant. Running on many years of success, the eatery has won many awards and that includes achieveing the prestigious Michelin star for its Hong Kong branch.
Earning a reputation for authentic Chinese dumplings, Din Tai Fung has now expanded across the globe with chains of restaurants in different countries like Japan, the United States, Australia, Singapore and Thailand. In Malaysia, there are halal and non-halal branches of Din Tai Fung. The halal outlets, known as DIN by Din Tai Fung, are located in Suria KLCC, Nu Sentral KL, Kuala Lumpur International Airport Terminal 1, IOI City Mall 2 and Johor Bahru Mid Valley Southkey. Now, you can see (or taste) for yourself what these world-renowned soup dumplings are all about!
As one of the restaurant’s savoury hits, the soup dumplings are a must-try whenever you stop by Din Tai Fung for a meal. If you’re a first-time Xiao Long Bao eater, there is a proper way to eat these juicy dumplings. According to the 4-step process on the restaurant’s menu, here’s what you should be doing before savouring these yummy creations:

  1. Prepare a mix of vinegar and soy sauce in a ginger dish with the recommended ratio of 1 part soy sauce to 3 part vinegar.
  2. Dip the dumpling into the sauce.
  3. Place the Xiao Long Bao on a spoon and poke a hole to release the broth inside.
  4. Enjoy your dumpling!

Credit: @becca_l_72 on InstagramWhile it’s tempting to plop the whole dumpling into your mouth, you might burn your tongue so let it cool down a little first!
Besides their signature soup dumplings, another must-try is the shaomai. Known to be the meatier cousin of the Xiao Long Bao, these delectable pockets are perfect for pleasing your taste buds!
While you’re dining here, you can try the halal version of Din Tai Fung’s other internationally loved dishes! Have a taste of their fragrant chicken chop fried rice or the mouth-watering sweet & sour chicken. Keep the flavour train going and have yourself a flavourful bowl of braised beef noodle soup accompanied by some crispy shrimp & chicken wontonsP.S. Fulfill your love for Chinese dishes with these halal eateries in Penang serving authentic Chinese food!
Credit: @dintaifungmy on InstagramComing to the end of a wonderful meal is always bittersweet. So, turn the sweet up a notch by getting the Chocolate Xiao Long Bao! Served in the iconic bamboo steamer as well, let these dumplings cool for a bit before popping one into your mouth. Once you do, enjoy the rich taste of chocolate and before you know it, you’ll be ordering another round of these just like we did!Whether you’re having a big brunch fest with your family or an evening out with friends, a meal at DIN by Din Tai Fung is guaranteed to leave you with a memorable dining experience. So, clear off your calendar and head down to this restaurant for some top-class dumplings and Chinese fare. Halal status: Meat is from halal-certified sources, and dishes do not contain lard or alcohol. Alcohol is served at the KLCC outlet. We recommend that you dine at your discretion.Outlets: - Suria KLCC (Level 4) - Nu Sentral KL (Level 3) - KLIA 1 (Level 5, Departure Floor) - Putrajaya IOI City Mall (Level LG) - Johor Bahru Mid Valley Southkey (Level LG) Website | Facebook | Instagram