5 Muslim-Friendly Stalls You Have To Try This December At KL' s New Trendy Hangout Spot


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Dec 06, 2021

Kuala Lumpur is always brimming with vibrant events for a fun weekend with your friends or families! If you're looking for a trendy place to visit over the weekend, head over to the popular Tiffin At The Yard! Located at Sentul Depot, Tiffin At The Yard used to be a seasonal pop-up F&B event but now it has found a permanent spot at this restored warehouse! ☺️

Opened from Thursdays to Sundays, there are plenty of pop-up stores where you can taste delicious cuisines - from Malaysian to Mexican food. So, here's a list of 5 Muslim-friendly food stalls that you can try here! The food vendors at Tiffin are always changing but these are the ones available in December. All of the stalls at Tiffin are pork free but do note there are vendors (not in this list) that sell alcohol.

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5 Muslim-Friendly Stalls To Try At Tiffin At The Yard

1. Con-Fusion Club

Credit: @con_fusionclub on Instagram

This trendy vegan Thai is the crowd's favourite for delectable vegan food! Whipping up delicious Thai vegan food is Chef Idan of KL's Hijau and you should try the exclusive Thai Chick'n Cutlet with signature peanut sauce made with smooth peanut butter. For ramen enthusiasts, have a taste of the Tom Yum Chick'n Ramen that will surprise your taste buds.

Halal status: No meat is used in any dish. Vegan and Muslim-friendly.

Opening hours:

Fri (5pm - 10pm)

Sat (10am - 10pm)


2. Mushroom Lah

Credit: @mushroom.lah on Instagram 

We all know and love a good ol' soft (not crispy) beef rendang but have you tried mushroom rendang? Head over to Mushroom Lah to have your mind and taste buds blown away by their signature nasi lemak with mushroom rendang! It tastes just as good as your traditional beef rendang but for something different, try their curly fries loaded with spicy mushroom rendang, served with creamy mayonnaise! ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned and vegan-friendly.

Opening hours: Sun (9am-5pm)

Website | Instagram

3. Leen's Middle East Kitchen

Credit: @leens_middle_east_kitchen on Instagram 

Looking for delicious Middle Eastern food at Tiffin? Leen's Middle East Kitchen is your answer! Curated by a Syrian chef, he's dedicated to bringing a taste of his hometown to you. One of the star signatures is the Beef Shawarma Fries - a plate of crispy tater tots and sliced, juicy beef shawarma with generous drizzles of toum, chili mayu and chili pesto salsa to elevate the flavours! If you love toasts and lamb, try the Pulled Lamb Toasties which is paired up with a side of tasty garlic sauce, shallots and refreshing tabouleh salad to cleanse your palate.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours:

Thurs-Fri (5pm-10.30pm)

Sat-Sun (10am-10.30pm)


4. The Bao Guys

Credit: @namanyahahsi on Instagram 

If you love Singapore's chili crab but not ready to travel the borders, The Bao Guys have got you covered with their Mr Crabs dish! Their chef has perfected the chili crab drip that's served with three perfectly fried mantaos. This dish is exclusively available at Tiffin only so do come during the weekends! Plus, this December, they're introducing with a new weekend-only breakfast bao, the Eggstatic! It's a deep-fried mantao stuffed with egg salad, pickles and topped with fried anchovies. For desserts, don't forget to try the fried pumpkin mochi with delicious taro sauce - all stuffed in a charcoal bao called the Bao Wow!

Halal status: Uses halal-certified ingredients and no pork or lard. They've stated they are Muslim-friendly.

Opening hours:

Thurs-Fri (5pm - 10.30pm)

Sat-Sun (12pm - 10.30pm)


5. Herbivore by Sandra

Credit: @herbivore_kl

Another vegan option in this list is Herbivore by Colombian chef, Sandra Zuluaga! All vegan options like Con-fusion club and Mushroom Lah collaborate with her to offer vegan food for customers but chef Sandra has got something up her sleeves as well. Dive into a world of unique vegan flavours with her delicious vegan duck bahn mi that's sandwiched between toasted baguette, vegan pate, home made pickles with ginger and chili sauce for that slight kick! You should also try the hot dog breakfast - a plate of mouthwatering tofu scrambled cheese, vegan bacon, hashbrown bites and fresh chives on top!

Halal status: All food is vegan-friendly and no meat is used.

Opening hours: Thurs - Sun