[Updated on 31 May 2019]

Any makeup addict is likely to have a copious collection of lip products from matte lip crèmes to glossy sticks, in every shade imaginable whether it’s bright coral or sultry deep red.

While rave reviews for international beauty brands like Fenty Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics and Kat Von D Beauty are aplenty, Malaysian beauty brands are also making waves with their line of lip products that are just as well-deserving of a place on your vanity table 😊 What’s great about these homegrown labels is that they are often halal-certified, wudhu-friendly, vegan and/or cruelty-free! You’ll be comfortable purchasing from these eight Malaysian brands knowing their products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients and are compliant to our faith. Here are our picks!

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1. SimplySiti (Halal-certified)

Founded by one of Malaysia’s most loved personalities Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza, SimplySiti has all your beauty needs covered with products ranging from skincare to makeup and even fragrances. Take your pick from hydrating face masks, creamy matte lipsticks and even foundations amongst the vast products that SimplySiti offer. With a factory based in South Korea and products certified halal by Malaysia’s governing body JAKIM, you can be assured that SimplySiti is all but eager to produce the best and pure products for the market.

Credit: @officialsimplysiti on Instagram

Meet SimplySiti’s newly launched shades of creamy Simply Elegant Lipstick Matte: enriched with vitamin E and candelilla to nourish the lips with each swipe of this smooth and pigmented formula that has a silky matte finish.

Credit: SimplySiti Bangladesh on Facebook 

Beauty care certainly starts with the skin! Using the latest in nanotechnology South Korea has to offer, SimplySiti’s DERMAGIC line of facial care products will soothe and rejuvenate your skin texture. DERMAGIC uses the Korean Plant Stem Cell Technology that enables the product to be absorbed into the skin, leaving it hydrated and moisturized for a brighter and even complexion. Yay to looking youthful with SimplySiti! 😊

Credit: @officialsimplysiti on Instagram

Where to buy: Shop online at SimplySiti, Fashion Valet, or in Watsons and selected AEON.
Price: Individual lipsticks across all collection starts from RM31; skincare bundles start from RM68 (available individually too).

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2. Pretty Suci (Halal-certified)

An amazing brand that only has one product in three shades (plus one more in collaboration with Malaysian singer Sheila Majid!), there is nothing short of inspiring when it comes to Pretty Suci. The popular velvety matte lip creams are halal-certified and cruelty-free. Pick from either the nude (Cek Mek Molek), the berry (Minah Jambu), or the fiery-red (Boneka).

Credit: @prettysuci on Instagram    

What’s more, Pretty Suci is more than a cosmetics brand. It’s also a multi-label online beauty store that exclusively sells halal-certified beauty products, including its own in-house brand. Browse through Pretty Suci for other halal brands with products ranging from hair care to nail polish.

Credit: prettysuci on Instagram     

Pretty Suci is highly pigmented and just one swipe can produce such gorgeous colour pay-out!

Credit: prettysuci on Instagram

Where to buy: Shop online at Pretty Suci.

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3.  Orkid Cosmetics (Halal-certified and vegan)

Entering the local makeup scene just earlier this year, Orkid Cosmetics and their line of creamy liquid lipsticks have quickly grown to be a crowd favourite. The Matte Suede collection are light textured liquid lipsticks with a matte suede finish and the added vitamin E to help moisturize your lips for that perfect pout.

Credit: Orkid Cosmetics on Facebook 

Orkid comes in 10 richly pigmented shades and each stunning hue adds that lovely pop of colour to brighten up any everyday makeup look. As they say, a good lip colour ties your entire look together 😉

Credit: OrkidCosmetics on Facebook

Or if you’re looking to keep it simple yet sultry, Orkid’s blush-nude shades are great choices, especially for women with medium to dark skin tones.

Credit: @syafiqahhashimxoxo on Instagram

Products of Orkid Cosmetics are all manufactured by a JAKIM-approved halal manufacturer in Malaysia and are formulated without parabens, phthalates or do not contain any animal by-products. Vegan, cruelty-free, KKM-approved: Orkid truly strives to deliver safe and halal beauty products that Muslimahs can count on without any doubt.

Where to buy: Shop online at Orkid Cosmetics
Price: RM 30

4. SO.LEK (Wudhu-friendly and cruelty-free)

The brainchild of a sister-brother duo, SO.LEK is a wudhu-friendly and cruelty-free brand with a selection of basic makeup necessities. The clever play on words is derived from the Malay word “solek” which means makeup and the abbreviation of “So? Relax!”. The inspiration to create an affordable makeup brand came from co-founder Dahlia Nadirah’s trip to New York where she found high-quality yet affordable drugstore makeup brands.

Credit: SO.LEK Cosmetics on Facebook 

SO.LEK is popularized by its collection of lip creams and its debut Bunga Gang collection has six beautiful colours: Anggerik, Dahlia, Seroja, Mawar, Raya and Chempaka. Olive oil is a main ingredient in their lip creams which helps to moisturize the lips, giving it a soft matte finish.

Since then, the brand has expanded its range with more lip cream colours (“Lagenda Gang”) as well as dabble into other products like blusher, mascara and eyeliner.

Credit: SO.LEK Cosmetics on Facebook

SO.LEK is currently in the process of securing halal certification.

Where to buy: Shop online at So.Lek Cosmetics or at PrettySuci.com
Price: Lip creams are priced at RM39

5. Obsess Cosmetics (Wudhu-friendly)

Obsess Cosmetics is also another wudhu-friendly brand that offers a wide range of matte lip products and other basic make-up essentials! The owner, Hafizatul Atikah, has been in the beauty industry for a while now, and her company’s main mission is to provide the modern Muslimah with make-up products to look ever beautiful and graceful.

Credit: @obsess.cosmetics on Instagram

KKM-approved and Halal, this brand started with their DD Cushion Foundation before releasing a line of matte liquid lip products! They are priced affordably at RM40 each, so get your hands on them for gorgeous lips that definitely slay  💋

Credit: @obsess.cosmetics on Instagram

Where to buy: Shop online here.
Price: RM29 and above

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6. Nurraysa (Halal-certified and wudhu-friendly)

With only RM500 in capital, 20-year-old niqabi Nur Aini Zolkepeli began her beauty business while bearing her first child. Starting off by selling collagen soap, her beauty line now encompasses a variety of make-up products and cosmetics, leading up to the millions in profit that she is making today.

Credit: @nurraysahq on Instagram

The success she has achieved so far is definitely not an easy feat! Try out her gorgeous Pearl Magic Lipstick for only RM30, which is described as a moisturizing lip balm that will adjust to the temperature of your lips. Because nobody wants to have uncomfortable and dry lips ruining their vibes, am I right?

Credit: @nurraysahq on Instagram

Where to buy: Find a supplier here.
Price: RM29 and above.

7. dUCk Cosmetics (Halal-certified)

Credit: @duckcosmetics on Instagram

After the massive success of dUCk scarves, its founder Vivy Yusof ventured into the beauty industry with dUCk cosmetics. Her fabulous line of products includes shades and shades of eye palettes, lip creams, lip gloss and lipstick. Not to mention that they’re paraben-free too!

Credit: @duckcosmetics on Instagram

Where to buy: Sephora
Price: starts at RM56

8. Sorfina Hal (Halal certified and wudhu-friendly)

Credit: @sorfinahal on Instagram

Sorfina Hal is a chic and classy halal and wudhu-friendly brand that is also free of parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, sodium lauryl sulphate, synthetic fragrances and synthetic dyes among other things 😍 With their large range of cosmetics such as lip colors and masacara, you’ll be fabulously camera-ready, anytime!

Credit: @sorfinahal on Instagram

Where to buy: on their website
Price: starts at RM58
Website | FacebookInstagram

9. Sugarbelle (Halal certified and wudhu-friendly)

Credit: @sugarbellecomestics on Instagram

One of the biggest local retail brands around, Sugarbelle Cosmetics has been around since 2014 and has been expanding ever since! The brand isn’t just Halal and wudhu-friendly, it’s also vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben free too 😍 Now, how can we say no to that? Try on their fabulous shades of lip products of many colours from neutral tones, to bright and shiny ones! And let your eyes shine with their wudhu-friendly range of mascara too.

Credit: @sugarbellecosmetic on Instagram

Where to buy: on their website or at selected Guardian pharmacy outlets in Malaysia and selected AEON Retail stores
Price: starts at RM15

10. Thrill by Sarimah Ibrahim (Halal)

Credit: @thrillbysarimahibrahim on Instagram

Founded by Malaysian TV star, Sarimah Ibrahim, Thrill is a halal make-up brand for fabulous women who is always on the go but needs a little touch-up here and there! The brand currently has sells compact powder and cushion foundation that contains natural ingredients that are nourishing for your skin such as habbatus sauda, pegaga, argan oil, vitamin E and vitamin C ❤️

Credit: @thrillbysarimahibrahim on Instagram

Where to buy: Available on Shoppee
Price: Starts at RM70
Website | Instagram

11. Forest Colour (Halal certified)

Credit: @forestcolourmy on Instagram

With Forest Colour’s range of halal-certified and herbal cosmetics and skincare line, you won’t have to worry about your make up anymore! Try on their range of halal mascara, lip colour, eye colour, and eyeliner for a picture-perfect Raya 😍


Credit: @forestcolourmy on Instagram

Where to buy: on their website or from selected AEON outlets
Website | Instagram

Producing makeup that is halal, vegan and/or cruelty-free that don’t compromise on product quality certainly shows how meticulous and sincere these local brands are in catering to the Muslim market. Plus, with such gorgeous and pigmented colour pay-offs and the reassurance of halal-status, your next lipstick holy grail could just hail from a humble made-in-Malaysia brand 😊


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