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10 Muslim-Friendly Eateries In Amsterdam You Can’t Miss


Hazwany Razali  •  Aug 19, 2019


Planning a trip to Amsterdam but worried about finding halal-friendly food there? Worry no more! With close to a million Muslims living in the Netherlands, Islam is Amsterdam’s second-largest religion and there are plenty of Muslim-friendly eateries in Amsterdam for you to dine at. Here are 10 eateries you may want to try when in Amsterdam! Credit: Giphy
1. Iboenda

Credit: @miranasution on Instagram

Iboenda serves authentic Indonesian cuisine just minutes away from Amsterdam’s museum district. Owned by an Indonesian who has been living in The Netherlands for 24 years, Iboenda provides East Javanese classics such as Bami Goreng, Nasi Kuning and Soto Ayam at affordable prices. Also try their Rijsttafel (Dutch for rice table) for two, which comes with a variety of side dishes to accompany your rice or fried noodle staple.
Credit: @serijaes on InstagramHalal status: Muslim-owned Address:  Iboenda has 2 locations throughout Amsterdam. The outlet closest to the Rijksmuseum is located at Vijzelgracht 47, 1017 HP Amsterdam Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 2pm – 9pm, Sunday 3pm - 9pm Contact: +31 20 775 31 18 Website | Facebook
2. Sari Citra
Credit: Sari Citra Another Indonesian restaurant, Sari Citra has been serving the Dutch locals since 1996. Located just 100m away from the Albert Cuypmarkt (Amsterdam’s most famous street market), Sari Citra serves everything from Indonesian snacks like bapao and martabak to a full Rijstaffel for two. You can also get sweet desserts like kue lapis and bika ambon to end off your meal. Take-away service is also available.
Credit: Sari CitraHalal status: Muslim-owned Address:  Ferdinand Bolstraat 52, 1072 LL Amsterdam Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 2pm – 9pm, Sunday 3pm - 9pm Contact: +31 20 6754 102 Website | Facebook | Instagram
3. Nyonya Malaysia Restaurant
Credit: @nyonyamalaysiarestaurant on Instagram Feeling homesick? Indulge in some familiar cuisine such as laksa, nasi lemak, chicken rice and even char kway teow at Nyonya Malaysia Restaurant, a Peranakan/ Malaysian restaurant located about 10 minutes walk from the Amsterdam Centraal Station. You can also order a variety of chicken, beef and seafood dishes for sharing and swap your white rice for coconut rice or chicken rice. Do note however that the restaurant does not accept cards, so make sure you have sufficient cash at hand.
Credit: @foodsturbator on InstagramHalal status: Muslim-owned Address: Kloveniersburgwal 38, 1012 CW Amsterdam Opening Hours: Wednesday to Monday 1pm - 9pm, Closed on Tuesdays. Contact: +31 20 422 2447 Website | Facebook | Instagram
4. Sefa BBQ & Grill Restaurant
Credit: @theyenmaster on Instagram Located in the city centre of Amsterdam, Sefa has been offering Turkish food for over 40 years and specialises in grilled dishes. Their Mix Grill comes with 4 different types of meat on skewers (lamb chop, Adana kebab, chicken kebab and shish kebab), and all their dishes are served with salad, fries/ rice and bread. They are also open till midnight daily, so perfect if you’re looking for a late-night meal.Halal status: Muslim-owned Address:  Westermarkt 25, 1016 DJ Amsterdam Opening Hours: 8am to Midnight daily Contact: +31 20 6773 9212 Website | Facebook | Instagram
5. Restaurant MOZO
Credit: @restaurantmozo on Instagram Restaurant MOZO is a homage to Morocco in the Amsterdam’s hip and trendy area De Pjip. Serving traditional Moroccan food such as couscous, tajines and even bastilla (Moroccan savoury pastry), MOZO works with fresh spices bought from the souks (markets) in Morocco and boasts of having the strongest Moroccan tea in Amsterdam. A must-try is their Tajine Tahlia, a five-hour stew of veal, honey and special Tahlia spices. You can also get Moroccan high tea every Saturday from 1pm till 5pm and Sundays from 2.30pm till 5pm.
Credit: Restaurant MozoHalal status: Muslim-owned Address:  Van Woustraat 89,1074 AE Amsterdam Opening Hours: Tuesday to Thursday 5pm - 10pm, Friday and Sunday 5pm - 11pm, Saturday 1pm - 11pm. Closed on Mondays.Contact: +31 (0)6 875 766 16 Website | Facebook | Instagram
6. Artisani
Credit: @artisani_official on Instagram Over the last few years, hipster cafes and artisanal burger joints have started appearing in Amsterdam’s halal scene. One of the early founders of the movement is Artisani, well-known for their artisanal burgers, scrumptious hotdogs, tacos and specialty coffees. Try the Artisani Burger with Turkey Bacon, a stack of thick char-grilled beef patty, crispy turkey bacon, tomatoes, lettuce and Artisani's special sauces sandwiched between soft, buttery brioche bun. You definitely would not want to miss this!
Credit: @artisani_official on Instagram
Halal status: Muslim-owned Address:  Tussen Meer 58, 1068 GC Amsterdam Opening Hours: 12pm - 11pm daily Facebook | Instagram
7. Monopoly Burger
Credit: @monopolyburger on Instagram Located on the shopping street Kinkerstraat in the Old West of Amsterdam, Monopoly Burger prides itself on serving meats that are humanely and sustainably raised on family farms and ranches. Specials here include the Monopoly Burger (200g beef patty on brioche bun and served with their own monopoly sauce) and the Nacho Man (nacho chips loaded with cheddar sauce, tomato, red onion, pickles, black olives, jalapeño, sour cream and monopoly sauce). Grab a burger in between your shopping sprints!
Credit: @monopolyburger on InstagramHalal status: Muslim-owned Address:  Kinkerstraat 234, 1053 EN Amsterdam Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 4pm - 10pm, Friday to Sunday 2pm - 10pm Contact: +31 20 363 7050 Website | Facebook | Instagram
8. Maximus Steakhouse
Credit: @sweeteataround on Instagram How does ending your day with a juicy T-bone steak and Banana Split for dessert sound like to you? Located a short 5 minutes walk from the Rijksmuseum is Maximus Steakhouse, a halal steakhouse featuring delicious steaks cooked on a charcoal grill. They also have a selection of 7 sauces (such as pepper sauce, garlic sauce and chimchurri sauce) for you to choose from at an additional price of €2 each. Other specialties include tuna steak, spare-ribs and chicken sate. Be ready for a treat at Maximus Steakhouse! Note: This eatery serves alcoholic drinks, so do dine at your own discretion. Halal status: Halal meat and ingredients used, alcohol is served in the establishment. Address:  Max Eeuweplein 27-29, 1017 MA Amsterdam Opening Hours: 12pm -11pm daily Contact: +31 20 626 53 00 Website | Facebook | Instagram
9. Beter & Leuk
Credit: @platesofplants on Instagram How about some healthy traditional Dutch food? Beter & Leuk is a vegan and gluten-free cafe serving vegan versions of 2 traditional Dutch foods: the hagelslag (Dutch breakfast of toast with chocolate sprinkles) and roze koek (a typical dutch pastry consisting of a small flat cake with a layer of pink fondant icing). They also serve a variety of sweet and savoury healthy lunch options such as buckwheat and banana pancakes with maple syrup and fresh food, raw chocolate date balls, vegetarian bibimbap and Dutch weed burger (vegan burger made of soy and seaweed served on a wheatbun). Perfect for staying healthy while travelling.
Credit: @vusan_ on InstagramHalal status: Vegan ingredients used, no alcohol used in the preparation of food. Address: Oosterparkstraat 91, 1091 GW Amsterdam Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5pm, Saturday to Sunday 9.30am - 5pm Contact: +31 20 767 0029 Website | Facebook | Instagram
10. Vegan Junk Food Bar
Credit: @bettylloesje on Instagram Another must-try Dutch specialty is the bitterballen, a meat-based fried ball usually served with a mustard dip. At Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam, you can try three vegan versions of the bitterballen: a traditional Dutch version (in vegan form), a Mexican black bean version and a Pakistani-style coconut curry version. The chain also carries a large selection of plant-based junk food creations such as their Notorious Sumo burger, Black Daddy Mc Chicken, and loaded VJFB Fries. Vegan Junk Food Bar has four locations in popular areas throughout Amsterdam, so you won’t have to travel far to get some vegan bitterballen to snack on whenever your hunger pangs strike.
Credit: @annesfoodies on Instagram Halal status: Vegan ingredients used, Alcohol not used in preparation of food but is served at establishment. Do dine at your own discretion. Address:  4 locations in Amsterdam: Westside - Staringplein 22, 1054 VL Amsterdam De Pijp - Marie Heinekenplein 9-10, 1072 MH Amsterdam Eastside - Eerste v. Swindenstraat 389, 1093 GA Amsterdam Downtown - Reguliersdwarsstraat 57, 1017 BK Amsterdam Opening Hours: 12pm - 10pm daily Website | Facebook | Instagram Be spoilt for choice with all the delicious food to be had in this amazing city! See you in Amsterdam! [iframe seamless="seamless" style="border: none; overflow: hidden;" height="450" width="100%" scrolling="no" src="https://pollbuzz.co/frame/3470?type=poll"][/iframe]