10 Heavenly Muslim-Friendly Desserts In Bangkok That’ll Leave You Drooling


Syafiq •  Oct 19, 2022

There’s nothing quite like walking through a street market while you munch on some local desserts to cool down from the heat, so we’ve put together some of our favourite desserts in Bangkok that are not just Muslim-friendly, but photogenic enough to be featured on your Instagram feed!

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1. Coconut Ice Cream

Credit: @triabondoc on Instagram

Gaining popularity in the Southeast Asian region during recent times, the coconut ice cream is not just pretty, but tastes heavenly too! You have to try it in Bangkok for the authentic experience. ? One the must-try flavours here is Thai Milk Tea!

If you like, these coconut ice cream can be topped to the brim with various toppings such as peanuts and sea coconut and even rainbow sprinkles. Beat the heat with some of the best Coconut Ice Cream at Chatuchak Market!

Credit: @marusyak2012 on Instagram

2. Luk Chup

Starting off the list is perhaps one of the most eye-catching desserts you can find in Bangkok – Luk Chup.  Immensely popular amongst the locals, these multi-coloured soft sweet candies will give your tastebuds a treat.

These cute confections are created from green bean-derived marzipan and painted on with food coloring after being moulded into their respective shapes. Even in a place as colourful as Bangkok, the vibrant pop of colours of Luk Chup often grabs attention as you walk along the streets of Bangkok!

Historically deemed food for royalty only, you can now get them at various dessert shops in Bangkok. While you’re at it, trick your family and friends into thinking you’re eating a whole chilli fruit, or make them wonder where you got those adorable mini glazed fruits?

 3. Khanom Buang (Thai Crepe)

Another popular street food item found in Bangkok that is sure to bewilder your family and friends includes Khanom Buang, or Thai crepes! Looking a lot like tacos, these crepes are usually filled with coconut cream and an assortment of toppings of your choice.

The crispy shells also come in various colors, such as the grey charcoal crepe shown below! This traditional This snack has definitely come a long way since its discovery during the Ayutthaya period of Thailand from 1350 – 1769. If you would like to grab one, head over to Siam Paragon for some of the best Khanom Buang!

4. Khanom Khai Nok Krata (Fried Sweet Potato Balls)

Catching onto the recent purple food craze, these fried potato balls have been adapted from their usually brown coloration into a deep, pretty shade of mauve, making it even more irresistible regardless of whether you’ve got a sweeth tooth or not!

Derived from purple sweet potatoes and named after quail eggs, it makes the perfect snack to munch on while walking along the streets of Bangkok, not to mention some deep purple hues for your Instagram. It has a thin and crispy shell that cracks when pressed, much like its similarly-sized inspiration.

5. Thapthim Krop (Red Rubies)

Credit: @farizgump on Instagram

If you’re looking to add a splash of red to your Instagram feed, then you have to check Thapthim Krob out!

Also commonly referred to as Red Rubies (Sometimes also called red jewels or mock pomegranate seeds), it consists of cubes of water chestnut that are usually served cold in coconut milk – great for walking around in Thailand’s tropical heat!

6. Khanom Krok (Thai Coconut Pancakes)

Credit: @taishi_mama on Instagram

Khanom Krok, or usually referred to as coconut pancakes, have a thin, crispy outer layer with a super soft inner coconut layer which is akin to the texture of pudding! These little snacks look like the moon, don’t they? ?

While commonly topped with green onions, corn and taro are also popular toppings for Khanom Krok. If you have a sweet tooth, maybe give the pumpkin topping a try! You can find Khanom Krok at most night markets such as Cicada Night Market, and Ratchawat Market.

Credit: @hanlohthaifood on Instagram

7. Thai Pancake

Credit: @padthaiwokbar on Instagram

Prata for dessert anyone? Well, not exactly prata, but in Thailand, these pancakes can easily be mistaken for one, without the curry of course! ?

Usually served with a generous drizzle of condensed milk, or a hefty slathering of Nutella, you can be assured to find a topping of your preference for your Thai Pancake. These neatly cut rectangles of pancake can also be filled with fruits such as bananas or berries!

8. Khao Tom Mud (Thai Sticky Rice Cake)

Credit: @aaromdiicookingschool on Instagram

This is also a popular dish in Laos and other bordering countries and towns. Khao Tom Mud, otherwise known as Thai sticky rice cake is a steamed glutenous rice dessert that is usually served wrapped up in a tight bundle. When you open it up, you'll find pretty blue markings on the rice which comes from pressed edible flowers steamed on top of the rice! This is a really convenient snack that is commonly found in many street stores!

9. Thai Popsicles

Credit: @loveyiel.tolosa on Instagram

Thailand is known for its hot climate but even more so well-known for its innovative cold desserts much like these Thai popsicles. Made in stainless steel barrels filled with fizzy drinks (like Fanta, Coca Cola and much more) and flavoured syrup, this dessert is popular among children because of its simplicity and affordable price! It's great on a hot day so don't pass it up if you com across it!

10. Mango Sticky Rice

Credit: @fandylo on Instagram

We can’t end of this list without having the famous Mango Sticky Rice in it! It’s one of those desserts that tastes as good as it looks – bright yellow mangoes providing just the right balance of sweet and tangy to the creamy and sticky rice!

While the original Mango Sticky Rice has generally seen great popularity, many adaptations have come forth, including mango and purple sticky rice (in line with the recent purple trend), and a crazy combination of coconut ice cream and the mango sticky rice! Head down to Ratchawat Market or Mae Varee Fruit Shop to savour some of the best Mango Sticky Rice and other whimsical creations!

Credit: @chrizziefrizzie on Instagram

There you go – a list of our favorite Muslim-friendly desserts that you must try when in Bangkok! Do give some of these a try if you haven’t, and let us know if we have left out any of your favorite desserts to try while in Bangkok.