9 Muslim-Friendly Cheap Eats You Need To Try In Rome


Wan Nur Riny •  Apr 13, 2018

As with most European cities, it can get pretty expensive to dine out especially after taking into account the volatile currency exchange rates. On top of that, restaurants offering halal food tend to overcharge too. If you are a student on a budget, this can be very frustrating given the already limited Muslim-friendly options! Fortunately, there are still some budget-friendly diners as well as ‘loopholes’ to get around. Read on to find out how to survive Rome on a budget:

1. Pastificio Guerra

This quaint shop is famous for their affordable takeaway pasta, and it is very common to see snaking queues during lunchtime.

Credit: @lilioffa on Instagram

For €4, you get a filling bowl of pasta for you to eat while admiring the views from the Spanish Steps, or while walking around the city.

Credit: @ridvancx on Instagram

The shop offers a vegetarian option (Think addictive Pesto and indulgent Marinara!) daily to suit your dietary needs.

#HHWT Tip: The restaurant provides disposable cutleries and takeaway bowls.

Address: Via della Croce, 8, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

Opening Hours: 1pm – 930pm

Nearest Metro: Spagna

2. Chipstar

Have a taste of the classic takeaway fries just like in Amsterdam! This joint offers the traditional thick-cut, skin-on fries with a wide range of toppings and sauces for you to choose from.

Credit: @miralynxix on Instagram

Prices start from €2 depending on the size (servings are huge here). The perfect accompaniment to an afternoon stroll!

Address: Piazzale Flaminio, 10, 00196 Roma RM, Italy

Opening Hours: 1130 – 10pm

Nearest Metro: Flaminio

3. Istanbul Doner Kebab Pizza

When in Rome, do what the Romans do… and eat pizza! Here you can satisfy your Italian pizza cravings that are not limited to vegetarian or Margherita flavours. How about a kebab pizza?

They also offer set meals that range from €6, that comes with a side of fries and a can of soft drink! Note that pizzas are charged according to weight and not by slices!

Remember to try the iconic Italian street food called Suppli (breaded ball of rice with tomato sauce and cheese)!

Address: Via Giovanni Giolitti, 89, 00185 Roma RM, Italy

Opening Hours: 9am – 12midnight

Nearest Metro: Termini

4. Chicken Hut Termini

Termini Station is the biggest transport hub in Rome – all trains and buses from the airport (as well as other cities in Italy) transit here.

After a long journey, take comfort in the ultimate comfort food available nearby! Missing that crispy and tender fried chicken back home?

Credit: Chicken Hut Tiburtina on Facebook

Although the KFC outlets in Rome are not halal, Chicken Hut offers a good substitute with their own take at fried chicken and other fried food items. They also offer rice options like chicken briyani. Prices start from €5, but here’s the best part: they have student meals complete with fries and drink too! Definitely value-for-money.

1st outlet

Address: Via Giovanni Giolitti, 129, 00185 Roma RM, Italy

Nearest Metro: Termini

Opening Hours: 10am – 1130pm

2nd outlet

Address: Via Tiburtina, 352/B

Nearest Metro: Tiburtina

Opening Hours: 10am – 1130pm

5. Chicken Kebab Tiburtina

Tiburtina Station, though not as busy as Termini, is another transit station for buses and trains. If you are travelling to other Italian cities via this station, grab some takeaway pizza, burgers, and even fried mozzarella sticks here! This is a similar concept to Chicken Hut, but they offer fresh Italian pizzas and some Indian food too.

Prices start from €4, and they have student meals too. How convenient! ?

Credit: Chicken Hut Tiburtina on Facebook

Address: Circonvallazione Nomentana, 556

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

Nearest Metro: Tiburtina

6. Indian Halal Food Termini

Don’t really feel like having fried chicken? Not to worry, because Indian Halal Food offers a wide range of authentically Indian dishes like chicken curry and kheema, among others.

Credit: Kate on Flickr

You can also add on a (large) piece of Naan bread for €1 more, and you have a filling meal in front of you! Perfect when you want a satisfyingly filling meal before heading to your accommodation.

Address: Via Daniele Manin, 2b, 00185 Roma RM, Italy

Opening Hours: 9am – 12midnight

Nearest Metro: Termini

7. Peri-Peri Halal Grill

This restaurant offers fried chicken, burgers, Indian food selections like Briyani and chicken curry, pizzas, kebab, pasta, even a range of healthy salads!

How about a light meal after indulging in carb-loaded Italian food like pizzas and pasta? This restaurant is in the vicinity of the iconic Spanish Steps too!

Address: Via della Mercede, 40a/41, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

Opening Hours: 11am – 1130pm

Nearest Metros: Spagna, Barberini

8. Various Supermarkets (Conad, Carrefour, SIMPLY)

Always wanted to whip up your own Italian meal at a fraction of the cost compared to dining out? You most definitely can! Head down to Conad, Carrefour, or SIMPLY supermarkets, and shop for ready-made ravioli, spaghetti, pasta sauces, and CHEESE! SIMPLY supermarkets are conveniently located everywhere and boasts the lowest prices.

Credit: Skene on Flickr

However, do check out Conad and Carrefour too as they regularly have offers and sales on their items. You can easily get a block of cheese for just €1, and uncooked 1kg pasta for €0.30!

Credit: Feller on Flickr

**Bonus: Perfect for lazy or busy days when you just do not have the time to dine out or cook your own meals, JUSTEAT is a great food delivery platform. Simply download the app or go to their website, and key in your accommodation address. They offer cash-on-delivery options, so you don’t need to provide bankcard details.

Credit: avlxyz on Flickr

Here’s the best part: Most of the restaurants listed on the platform do not have delivery charge at all! Indulge in the multiple food choices from traditional Italian pizzas to Asian sushi, and even gelato!

Credit: avlxyz on Flickr

#HHWT Tip: Do remember always to exercise discretion when ordering from the restaurants listed, look at their menu to avoid consuming non-halal food ? JUSTEAT lists halal restaurants too!