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This Is The Muslim Football Fanatic’s Guide To Manchester


Luqman Hakim •  Jul 06, 2018


Manchester is a city located in northern England. When compared to London, Manchester is really small, but it is home to two of the biggest clubs in the United Kingdom - the Red Devils of Manchester United and the Citizens of Manchester City. Both clubs ply their trade in the top flight of English football. The rivalry is intense and exciting as both clubs are located at opposite ends of the city centre of Manchester and derby days see the city come together to support their respective sides. ? Credit: Giphy Rejoice football fans! We’ve got you covered for your next trip to Manchester! Whether you are red or blue, every football fan should take a trip to both stadiums in Manchester - Old Trafford and Etihad Stadium. Get comfy as we take you through this amazing city with this comprehensive guide. ?
Old Trafford Stadium
Located west of Manchester’s city centre, Old Trafford is home to the mighty Manchester United. This legendary stadium opened its doors in 1910 and can hold up to 76,000 fans. A visit to this stadium is a must, especially for football fans! ?
The stadium is so prominent, it even has its own Metrolink station. To get here, you can take the Metrolink from Piccadilly Station, Manchester’s main station in the city centre and alight at Old Trafford station. Special train services are also provided on match days but be ready to rub shoulders with hardcore Manchester United fans in the same train as you, chanting their way towards the stadium! #GGMU
The club provides a tour of the stadium if you are interested. You can book your tickets online at Manchester United’s official website. Ticket prices for the tour start at £10.50 for juniors and £16 for adults. Match Ticket Prices: From £31 for Premier League adult ticket. **Ticket prices are subject to change Address: Sir Matt Busby Way, Stretford, Manchester M16 0RA, United Kingdom Food around Old Trafford a. Rumps ‘N Ribs Hungry after a tiring day at Old Trafford? Take bus 250 towards Trafford Bar from Sir Matt Busby Way. Then, take the Metrolink tram from Trafford Bar station towards Deansgate-Castlefield station. When you exit the station, walk over to Rumps ‘N Ribs, just a few blocks away ?
Credit: Rumps ‘N Ribs on Facebook It’s just meat, meat and more meat at Rumps ‘N Ribs. This steakhouse serves one of the best Halal-certified steaks in Manchester! Marbled to near perfection, their Halal Aberdeen Angus beef is tender and flavourful.
Credit: Rumps ‘N Ribs on Facebook Have a small appetite? Fret not. The steakhouse also offers lighter options such as their wings, salads and sandwiches. But seriously, what’s the point of heading to a steakhouse when you’re not there for their signature dishes, in the case of Rumps ‘N Ribs, their steaks and their famous buffalo ribs ? Address: 3, 73/83 Liverpool Rd, Manchester M3 4AQ, United Kingdom b. Nando’s Southeast Asians would probably be familiar with this restaurant franchise. For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with Nando’s, what do you get if you take awesome hot (Peri-Peri) sauce and tender, juicy chicken and put them together? You will get Nando’s signature flame-grilled chicken! The restaurant also offers other options such as kebabs, burgers and wraps and various sides on their menu ? Note: Not all Nando’s restaurants in the United Kingdom are certified Halal. Do check the store front or their site before heading into a Nando’s restaurant for a meal.
Credit: Nando’s Oxford Road on Facebook There are 4 Halal Nando’s restaurants in Greater Manchester, namely the ones at Parrs Wood, The Fort, Trafford Centre and Oxford Road. The closest Halal Nando’s restaurant to Old Trafford is in intu Trafford Centre. To get to intu Trafford Centre from the stadium, take bus 250 from John Gilbert Way to The Trafford Centre ? #HHWT Tip: Looking for a place to perform your prayers while you are at Trafford? Head to Faizan-e-Islam Mosque or Masjid E Hidayah located southeast of Old Trafford. It is an approximate 12-minute walk from Old Trafford to Faizan-e-Islam Mosque along Warwick Road. To get to Masjid E Hidayah, take bus 250 from Sir Matt Busby Way towards Trafford Bar. The journey would take approximately 10 minutes.
City of Manchester: Etihad Stadium
You can find the City of Manchester Stadium (or Etihad Stadium) in the Etihad Campus, east of the city centre. The stadium opened its doors in 2002, initially for the Commonwealth Games. After the games, Manchester City, another Premier League powerhouse moved into the 61,000-seater stadium ?
Credit: Mikey on Flickr The nearest Metrolink station to Etihad Stadium is Etihad Campus station and is approximately a 10-minute Metrolink ride from Piccadilly Station. There are many buses that travel back and forth the city centre too!
Just like Manchester United (and probably every prominent club in England), Manchester City provides tours of their stadium. Tickets can be booked online at Manchester City’s official website. Prices for stadium tour tickets start at £11 for juniors and £17.50 for adults. Match Ticket Prices: From £35 for Premier League adult ticket ** Address: Ashton New Rd, Manchester M11 3FF, United Kingdom Food Around Etihad Stadiuma. Curry Mile No, “Curry Mile” is not some curry-related marathon. It is a nickname for a road south of Manchester’s city centre, to be specific, Wilmslow Road. Why then, is the road nicknamed, “Curry Mile”? Walk down the road and you will find many, many Indian, Middle Eastern, Afghanistan, Persian, Mediterranean restaurants along this stretch ?
Credit: Bernt Rostad on Flickr There are many buses which head to different areas of the Curry Mile from Etihad Stadium. For a direct bus ride to the southern-most area of the Curry Mile, take bus 53 from Alan Turing Way (Stop F) towards Rusholme Ctr (Stop G). Address: Curry Mile, Manchester M14 5TP, United Kingdom b. Ziya Asian Grill Did we mention, most of the restaurants along the Curry Mile are Halal-certified, Muslim-owned or provide Halal or Muslim-friendly options? One of the many notable ones, well-known by tourists and locals, is Ziya Asian Grill (or Ziya in short). Ziya serves up delicious Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Enjoy your plate of fragrant Briyani rice alongside chicken, lamb or vegetarian dishes as you dine in an elegant setting ?
Credit: Ziya Restaurant on Facebook#HHWT Tip: Ziya Asian Grill serves alcohol, but their meat dishes are from Halal sources. So, do dine at your own discretion. Address: 65-67 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester M14 5TB, United Kingdom Prayer Spaces There are not many prayer spaces or mosques in the Etihad Campus but there's one near Curry Mile! Walk over to Manchester Central Mosque, located in Victoria Park. The mosque has a long history, dating back to the late 1940s and its current building was built in 1968.
Credit: Manchester Central Mosque – Victoria Park on Facebook Public buses connect the mosque to the city centre. Spend a few hours just trying out the food along the Curry Mile and while you're at it, pay a visit and perform your prayers at one of Manchester’s most iconic mosques.
Credit: Manchester Central Mosque – Victoria Park on FacebookAddress: 20 Upper Park Rd, Manchester M14 5RU, United Kingdom
BONUS: Non-League Football Stadiums
If you are interested in watching non-league football in Manchester, there are two stadiums near the city centre which houses two non-league clubs - Salford City and F.C United of Manchester. Similar to the City – United rivalry in Manchester, derby days between Salford City and F.C United of Manchester are equally enticing and exciting! And did you know? Both clubs were somewhat “formed” by Manchester United. Salford City’s owners include Singaporean businessman, Peter Lim and Manchester United legends, Ryan Giggs, Phil and Gary Neville, Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt. F.C United of Manchester on the other hand, was founded by Manchester United supporters. Broadhurst Park Home to F.C United of Manchester and Moston Juniors F.C, Broadhurst Park is located along the north-eastern outskirts of Manchester’s city centre (in Greater Manchester). The stadium, with a capacity of approximately 4,400, is always filled up on matchdays especially that of F.C United of Manchester’s.
Credit: F.C United of Manchester on Facebook There are a couple of metro stations surrounding Broadhurst Park, the closest being Moston station along the Greater Manchester Railway line. To get here from the city centre, you can board the train at Manchester Victoria station located in the northern region of the city centre and travel along the Northern Rail towards Rochdale. Match Ticket Prices: From £10 for adult ticket ** Address: Broadhurst Park, 310 Lightbowne Rd, Manchester M40 0FJ, United Kingdom The Peninsula Stadium / Moor Lane Located in the north-western end of Greater Manchester, The Peninsula Stadium is home to Salford City. Just like Broadhurst Park, The Peninsula Stadium, which has a capacity of approximately 5100 is always packed with fans during match days.
Credit: Salford City FC on Facebook The easiest way to get to The Peninsula Stadium is by bus. There are a few buses which run between the bus stop along Moor Lane and Manchester’s city centre especially Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Victoria stations. Match Ticket Prices: From £10 for adult ticket ** Address: Moor Ln, Salford M7 3PZ, United Kingdom
1. intu Trafford Centre Looking for a place to shop before you head to Old Trafford? Look no further than intu Trafford Centre, a leisure and luxury shopping megamall located in the heart of Stretford - west of Manchester’s city centre and a few blocks from Old Trafford.
Credit: intu Trafford Centre on Facebook intu Trafford Centre is where you can shop till you drop! Do bring with sufficient money as most of the tenants in this mall are fashion outlets, so girls...you know what to do ? Well-known brands or franchises that can be found in this mall include H&M, Dr. Martens, Marks & Spencer, Zara and Topshop/Topman.
Credit: intu Trafford Centre on FacebookAddress: Regent Cres, Stretford, Manchester M17 8AA, United Kingdom 2. Manchester Arndale A luxury megamall in the heart of Manchester’s city centre, Manchester Arndale is a fashionista’s haven! Shopping here may not be very kind on your wallets, but it is a must-go for those who just simply love shopping ?
Credit: Amanda Slater on Flickr Located just a few blocks from Manchester Piccadilly station, Manchester Arndale is similar to intu Trafford Centre, holding brands and franchises such as H&M, Dr. Martens and Topshop/Topman.
Credit: Matthew Hartley on FlickrAddress: Manchester M4 1AZ, United Kingdom 3. Afflecks Attention, hipsters! This one’s for you? Afflecks is an indoor market located in the northern quarter of Manchester’s city centre, just a few blocks down from Manchester Arndale. It is a short walk from Manchester Piccadilly station.
Credit: Mikey on Flickr Expect to find indie and hipster-ish apparel in this deceivingly plain, simple building. Why deceiving you ask? The exterior of the building looks just like any other building in Manchester, but the interior is decorated with a totally  urban feel!
Credit: Rachel Docherty on FlickrAddress: 52 Church St, Manchester M4 1PW, United Kingdom 4. Primark Manchester If you are a little strapped for cash but still can't resist shopping, then head on over to the Primark departmental store along Market Street in the city centre. The store is a short walk from Manchester Piccadilly station!
Credit: tom_bullock on Flickr Shop, shop, shop for well-known brands and high-street fashionwear at affordable prices at Primark! After spending your time in the store, head over to the coffeehouse next door for a cuppa! Address: 106-122 Market St, Manchester M1 1WA, United Kingdom
1. National Football Museum A football trip to Manchester will not be complete without a visit to Manchester’s very own Football Museum. This iconic building is conveniently located next to Manchester Victoria station in the city centre.
Credit: David in Lisburn on Flickr Learn the history of football and how the beautiful game developed in England and around the world. There are many interactive exhibits for the young and old. Explore the many exhibits (and games), while learning a thing or two about football ☺️
Credit: David in Lisburn on FlickrEntrance Fee:
  • Adult: £10 (16-64 years old)
  • Child: £5 (5-15 years old), Free (below 5 years old)
  • Family: £25 (2 adults and 2 children)
  • Senior citizen: £8 (above 65 years old)
Address: Urbis Building Cathedral Gardens, Todd St, Manchester M4 3BG, United Kingdom 2. Medieval Sites Manchester is a city with an uber long history, dating back to the 1st century. What better way to explore the city than to walk around and get lost in an urban jungle of medieval structures and heritage sites ?
Learn the city's history in the Manchester Museum or snap a stunning photo of Manchester Town Hall. If you are interested, we highly recommend hopping on a sightseeing tour bus and travel around the city on wheels while snapping photos of the prominent sites in the city!
Credit: Stephen on Flickr
1. Holiday Inn Manchester Holiday Inn is a world-renowned chain of hotels and there are approximately 9 Holiday Inn hotels in Greater Manchester alone, 4 of which are in Manchester’s city centre! There are a couple in the Old Trafford vicinity, a couple east of the city centre and one down south.
Credit: Holiday Inn Manchester Airport on Facebook Holiday Inn rooms are fully equipped with amenities for you to enjoy a comfortable and undisturbed sleep. Do take note though, there are 2 types of Holiday Inns in Manchester. For those with a tighter budget, head to Holiday Inn Express!
Credit: Holiday Inn Manchester – Media City UK on Facebook#HHWTTip: Do enquire with hotel staff on their family-related services if you are travelling with family (especially with younger ones). Rates:From £58 per night Address: 2 Oxford Road, Manchester City Center, Manchester, United Kingdom 2. The Midland Hotel If you walk along Peter Street in the city centre, just opposite Manchester Central Library, you will see a grand building with medieval architecture. This is not some museum, it is The Midland hotel! For those who wish to spend more on their accommodation, The Midland is a 4-star luxury hotel located in the heart of the city centre?
Credit: The Midland Hotel on Facebook Be treated like royalty when you spend your nights at The Midland and recover after a tiring day of walking around at their luxurious spa. Rooms are furnished and decorated in a way that makes you feel relaxed in a contemporary mood. Plus you can enjoy free Wi-Fi!
Credit: The Midland Hotel on FacebookRates:From £74 per night Address: 16 Peter St, Manchester City Center, Manchester, United Kingdom, M60 2DS
Accommodation (Airbnb)
3. Barry’s Apartment
Credit: Airbnb An Airbnb listing owned by an Airbnb Superhost (Superhosts are experienced and have a high rating on the Airbnb site), Barry’s apartment can be found in a beautifully designed building in Ancoats/New Islington, just east of Manchester’s city centre and down the road from Etihad Stadium! You can take a stroll down to Manchester Piccadilly station located south of Barry’s apartment.
Credit: Airbnb This listing is perfect for couples or travellers who travel in pairs as the apartment, which has 1 bedroom, only accommodates 2 guests. Free Wi-Fi is provided, and the apartment offers great views of the skyline of Manchester’s city centre ?
Credit: AirbnbRate: £52 per night on Airbnb Book your tickets to Manchester now and have a great football experience with this guide in hand! Whether you are a Red Devil or Blue Citizen, as long you love football, you will love the city of Manchester ?