6 Musicals and Theatre Shows To Look Forward To In Singapore 2024


Qistina Roslan •  Oct 24, 2023

Calling all theatre lovers, there are a bunch of musicals and theatrical productions that will be landing on Singapore's shores next year! From Broadway to our very own local productions, these are the 6 (so far!) shows that you need to catch next year.

Madagascar: The Musical

Credit: Sistic

I like to move it, move it.. and now you can too as Madagascar is coming to Singapore with a live musical performance! If you've never watched Madagascar, Madagascar tells the story of 4 'wild' animals who have been shipwrecked on Madagascar. Why were they on the boat? And what happens when they're on the island? Well I won't spoil it here for those of you who don't know. You can come and check out the musical for yourself!

The musical will last for 1h 40mins, and will be in Singapore from 18 to 28 January 2024 at the Esplanade Theatre.

Tickets range from $48 to $138 and are on sale right now at the website here!

Matilda: The Musical

Roald Dahl has been a prominent namesake in a lot of our childhood! From Fantastic Mr. Fox to The Witches, one of his most adapted and prominent books, Matilda, can now be seen in a live musical! Matilda tells the story of a neglected genius child whose overflowing intelligence causes her to have superpowers! From being able to move a glass with her mind to writing on a chalkboard, Matilda's story hits all of the emotions, from tugging at your heartstrings to having a belly full of laughs.

The musical will last for 140 minutes (with a 20-minute intervention in between). Matilda: The Musical will be in Singapore from 9 to 31 March 2024.

Ticket prices range from $68 to $992 (aptly named Trunchbull VIP Box)! You can get your tickets here!


"Alexander Hamilton... We are waiting in the wings for you." And truly, we are as the multiple award-winning Broadway musical Hamilton is finally making its way to Singapore! After capturing the hearts of many from 2015's first stage production to now, an adoring worldwide audience, Hamilton can be enjoyed live in Singapore! It tells the story of America's founding father, Alexander Hamilton, through the use of Hip-hop, Jazz and R&B. It's definitely a musical that should not be missed!

Hamilton will be in Singapore from 19 April 2024 onwards. Tickets are on sale from 14 November 2023 at 10am on the website here!


Falling is a theatrical production by Pangdemonium!, a Singapore theatrical company that strives to tell stories that are raw, challenging, inspiring and entertaining all in one amazing production! The production tells of a story of a family of four, Tami and Bill who are the parents, and Lisa and Josh who are their kids. Falling touches on the realities of families living with older autistic children and how different situations affect the way they live their lives. The first run of the show was in 2016 and I still remember the impact the show had on me after all these years! This revival is a must-watch with its retelling of an acclaimed story of a marginalised minority in Singapore.

The production will run from 8 to 24 March 2024 at the Singtel Waterfront Theatre @ Esplanade. You can get your tickets here when it releases!

PS: Pangdemonium! has an ongoing promotion which prices tickets for $25 for those that are, well, under 25 years old!

Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf

If the title seems familiar, well it's a famous play by Edward Albee from 1962 that has been reproduced countless of times throughout the decades. Or it's probably because it's a pun of the ever-familiar "Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf" statement. The story tells of a middle-aged couple, George and Martha who entertain guests, Nick and Honey who are a younger couple. As the play goes on, it gets more and more chaotic and convoluted as you try to figure out what's going on. Bitter rivalries and long-buried secrets are the name of the game here as you enjoy Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf.

The production will run from 7 to 23 June 2024 and will be held at KC Arts Centre - Home of SRT. You can get your tickets here when it releases!

Dear Evan Hansen

Riddled with anxiety and stress, this production tells the story of a lonely outcast who uses letter-writing to pen down his inner feelings. With twists and turns and surprising coincidences, Evan's life gets turned around by a series of events. But eventually, he comes face to face with decisions he has to make that has devastating consequences. What are they? Well you have to watch the production for yourself!

The production will run from 11 Oct to 3 Nov 2024 and will be held at the Victoria Theatre. You can get your tickets here when it releases!

These musicals and productions sound like a blast to go to! They're fun for the whole family, be it young or old!