This 2-Level Muji Store Takes It To A Whole New Level


Noor Aishah Karim •  May 22, 2023

MUJI is a bookstore we can't say no to (You bet we'll leave with a couple of pens and notebooks!) Say Hello to MUJI One Utama, the renowned Japanese retailer officially unveiled its new store to the public on Saturday, 20 May. The grand opening brought with it an array of exciting features and offerings that will delight shoppers of all ages.

Credit: Muji on Facebook

Spanning across two expansive floors, the MUJI 1 Utama store boasts a variety of captivating attractions. One of the highlights is the inviting coffee counter, where patrons can indulge in a delightful cuppa while perusing the store's diverse product range. Whether you crave a steaming hot coffee or a soothing tea, the coffee counter has you covered, with an assortment of options priced between RM7.90 and RM9.90.

Credit: Muji on Facebook

Additionally, the store features a furniture concept showroom, complete with an interior advisor service. This section allows customers to explore MUJI's innovative furniture designs and receive personalised guidance from experts. Whether you're looking to revamp your living room or add a touch of elegance to your bedroom, the furniture concept showroom provides ample inspiration and assistance.

For those looking for customisable embroidery items, the embroidery counter at MUJI 1 Utama is a must-visit. Enthusiasts can find various embroidery supplies and seek guidance on various techniques. Whether a seasoned embroiderer or a curious beginner, the counter offers a wealth of resources to ignite your creativity and enhance your craft.

Credit: Muji on Facebook

In line with MUJI's commitment to providing a family-friendly environment, the store also features a dedicated children's play area. Parents can enjoy a leisurely shopping experience while their little ones engage in stimulating activities within a safe and supervised space. This thoughtful inclusion ensures that the entire family can enjoy exploring the store.

Moreover, the expanded store size from one floor to two signifies the brand's dedication to offering an even wider range of products and an enhanced shopping experience. Shoppers can expect to find an extensive selection of items, including the popular MUJI Labo Series, renowned for its minimalist design and high-quality craftsmanship. From clothing to household items, the store is brimming with options that embody MUJI's commitment to simplicity and functionality.

Credit: Muji on Facebook

With its impressive coffee counter, furniture concept showroom, embroidery counter, children's play area, expanded store size, MUJI Labo Series, and MUJI Green initiative, MUJI 1 Utama has undoubtedly created an inviting and comprehensive shopping destination. Whether you're seeking inspiration, relaxation, or sustainable products, this new store promises an enriching experience for all who enter its doors.

Halal Status on Coffee Counter: We reached out to Muji, and they said the goods sold at the coffee counter were alcohol and pork-free. We suggest you dine at your own discretion.

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