Mr Bean Offers Modern Mooncake Flavours Like Lychee, Chocolate Cranberry And More


Syahirah Mazlan •  Sep 08, 2023

As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, we're absolutely thrilled to unveil the mouthwatering and utterly unique sweet delights that are about to grace our taste buds - Mooncakes! And guess what? The classics are back, courtesy of Mr Bean! Brace yourselves for this Mid-Autumn Festival, because Mr. Bean has unveiled a delectable range of halal mooncakes in a myriad of delightful flavours, and you can reserve them in advance for yourself and your dear ones to enjoy!

We've all come to know and adore Mr Bean for their revitalising soy treats, comforting rice bowls, and legendary pancakes. When the season is just right, Mr Bean also offers halal mooncakes! It's a delightful secret you might not have known about!

Credit: Mr Bean

You can look forward to modern flavours like Mini Lychee Snow Skin Mooncake which has a smooth blend of lotus paste mixed with lychee. Every bite will have a hint of lychee fragrance, perfect for those who like their mooncakes sweet!

Credit: Mr Bean

For chocolate lovers, the Mini Chocolate Cranberry Snow Skin Mooncake is for you! The mooncake is a decadent blend of lotus paste and rich chocolate and cranberry bits — a perfect companion to enjoy with a cup of tea!

Credit: Mr Bean

Get a tin of Mini Snow Skin Mooncake (consisting of 2 pcs of Lychee and 2 pcs of Chocolate Cranberry) for $42.80 to ring in the Mid-Autumn Festival! Psst… And get a free cooler bag too! For durian lovers, try the Durian Snow Skin Mooncake for $99.80 for 4 pcs (and yes, you’ll get a free cooler bag as well!).

Fun fact: Every single one of Mr Bean's mooncake skins is baked with the magic of Soy Flour, elevating the taste and texture to create an absolutely one-of-a-kind mooncake adventure. And here's the best part – no need to fret about them losing their freshness! These mooncakes are all freshly baked and set to be the perfect gift (or a secret indulgence, your secret's safe with us 😉)!

P.S. When you purchase their mooncakes from now till 17 September 2023, you get 10% off for 1 tin, 15% off for two tins and 25% off for 3 tins and above, so don’t wait!

So, if you’re thinking of purchasing some delicious and traditional mooncakes with no frills, and all flavour, be sure to check out Mr Bean! Don’t forget to SHARE this with your friends and loved ones so they can get in on the deals and tasty mooncakes.

Mr Bean

Halal status: Halal-certified

How to order: Order via grabfood or foodpanda or on Beanmyday. You can also purchase the mooncakes at selected Mr Bean stores.

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