Moxy Putrajaya Hotel

Moxy Putrajaya Hotel Opens In Putrajaya, Steps Away From IOI City Mall


Farah Fazanna •  Feb 16, 2024

Hey there, travel enthusiasts and adventure seekers! Let me whisk you away on a virtual journey to the latest hotspot in Malaysia – the newly opened Moxy Putrajaya, a part of the Marriott Bonvoy family that's bringing a whole new vibe to the country's hotel scene. Picture this: you're stepping into a world where style meets social, energy bursts through the seams, and every corner promises an Instagram-worthy moment. Sounds like your kind of place? Then keep reading because Moxy Putrajaya is about to become your new favourite getaway!

Connected to IOI City Mall

Moxy Putrajaya Hotel

Credit: Moxy Putrajaya Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Putrajaya, Malaysia's stunning administrative capital known for its contemporary architecture, Moxy stands out as more than just a place to stay; it's connected to the IOI City Mall, a retail paradise in the Putrajaya vicinity. Imagine having the ultimate shopping spree or diving into a world of entertainment with a futuristic indoor theme park at your doorstep. Plus, with its proximity to Kuala Lumpur International Airport and major highways, Moxy Putrajaya is your golden ticket to exploring the vibrant Klang Valley and beyond with absolute ease.

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A hotel with aesthetic design

Moxy Putrajaya Hotel

Credit: Moxy Putrajaya Hotel

Stepping into Moxy Putrajaya, you're immediately greeted by a lobby that's not just a lobby but a vibrant, open space filled with contemporary chic furniture that invites you to explore. This isn't your average hotel; it's a playground for the modern traveller with its "Plug and Meet" areas, ergonomic seating, and a digital video wall that keeps you connected and entertained around the clock. And with a decor that incorporates weathered timber and coordinates to the hotel's location, every glance is a reminder that you're in for a unique stay.

Comfy and spacious hotel rooms

The adventure doesn't stop at the lobby. Moxy's 480 guestrooms are a testament to the brand's creative flair, where army camouflage prints and sports car-inspired art collide for a stay that's as vibrant as it is practical. With smart space-saving features like peg walls, tables and chairs that hang on the wall, and under-bed storage, you'll have everything you need without sacrificing style. And let's not forget the guestroom designs inspired by Putrajaya itself, from steel bridge motifs to wall graphics mirroring the city's architecture.

Restaurant and amenities

Moxy Putrajaya Hotel

Credit: Moxy Putrajaya Hotel

But what's a stay without some fun? Moxy Putrajaya's Fitness Centre isn't just about breaking a sweat; it's about redefining your workout with a blend of strength, cardio, and fun. And after you've powered through your session, the chic swimming pool and lounge area await to help you cool off in style.

Moxy Putrajaya Hotel

Credit: Moxy Putrajaya Hotel

Foodies, get ready because THREE.6.5, the All Day Dining spot, is a feast for both the eyes and the palate, blending Malaysian and international cuisines against a backdrop inspired by Malaysia's street art. And for those looking to elevate their night, the Moxy Sky Bar on Level 18 offers a mix of urban cool and botanical charm, complete with neon lights and creative drinks, all while soaking in breathtaking views.

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In short, Moxy Putrajaya isn't just a hotel; it's a launching pad for exploration, discovery, and creating memorable experiences. Whether you're a fashionista on the hunt for the next big find, a thrill-seeker looking for your next adventure, or simply someone who loves to mix work with a bit of play, Moxy Putrajaya is ready to welcome you with open arms and a spirit of endless fun. So, pack your bags, because Moxy is about to show you how to live life on the go in the most unforgettable way!

Rate: From RM403/night.

Address: Lebuh IRC, IOI Resort, 62502 Putrajaya, Selangor

Phone: 03-8328 1111

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