Monster.a Garden Cafe In Kuala Lumpur Is A Haven For Cat Lovers


Farah Fazanna •  Sep 19, 2023

Monster A Garden Cafe in Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur is an absolute sensation for all you cat lovers and cafe enthusiasts out there! Picture this: lush greenery everywhere, adorable chubby cats, and it's blowing up on TikTok! If you search 'Cafes in KL' on TikTok, you're guaranteed to stumble upon videos of this gem.

I mean, sure, KL has its fair share of trendy cafes, but cafes with cute furry friends? That's a rarity! And come on, who doesn't adore cats? Studies even say that being around cats can de-stress us, so imagine indulging in their scrumptious menu while petting those fluffy balls of joy – doesn't that sound like an absolute blast?

Monster A Garden Cafe is the brainchild of Nelson, who brilliantly combined his passions into one haven. The place is decked out with all kinds of plants, modern art, and unique crafts. The ambience is just so cosy, with those earthy tones creating the perfect vibe for some lazy, stress-free days. It's the ideal spot to unwind and soak up the company of those adorable furballs.

And here's the kicker: patrons who've visited this cafe can't stop raving about it. One happy customer shared, "It's such a fun escape from the daily grind in the city. Loads of cute adopted cats and the place is spotless – no funky odours!"

But that's not all, folks! This cafe has an array of savoury dishes and desserts to tickle your taste buds while you mingle with the resident kitties. And let me tell you, they've got some real showstoppers on their menu, like croffles, chicken katsu, okonomiyaki waffles and many more!

Free entrance but do visit with love and care.

Halal status: No halal certificate but ingredients are sourced from halal suppliers.

Address: No. 54, 1st Floor, Jalan Sultan, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: 10:30 am–7 pm (closed every Tuesday)