NEW: Milk Tea KitKat Is Now A Thing In MY/SG And We’re Here For It


Nasreen Nasir •  Sep 18, 2018

Have a break, have a KitKat. Or more specifically a Milk Tea KitKat. Yes, your break just a got a tad better with KitKat's new release of its own Milk Tea flavour. And you can find it in both Singapore and Malaysia! ?

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Even better, it's backed with milk chocolate, so you get to enjoy two flavours at once! ? But honestly, let's focus on the real deal here - the milk tea. Or teh tarik ?

Credit: @th3peary on Instagram

Of course, it's a known fact that KitKat always comes up with unique (some are pretty weird) flavours but this interesting take on the locals' favourite drink is probably the best one out there! ?

Credit: Kit Kat Malaysia on Facebook

Why? Just look at the amount of comments on KitKat's Facebook page! Some people commented saying that they could taste the strong milk tea flavour and we can't help but feel super tempted to get one ourselves! ?

Does this pique your interest? ? For Singaporeans, you shall hunt for it at any Giant supermarket near you today! Do come as soon as possible though as they might be sold out by the time you get there ?

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For Malaysians, you can also head over to any Giant supermarket near you or drop by any Mesra outlet at Petronas stations whenever you fill your petrol tank! ? Kill two birds with one stone, am I right? ?

Credit: @ladies.shop88 on Instagram

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With KitKat's newest take on our national drink, it's no surprise that they might be releasing another local-inspired flavour anytime soon. Maybe Milo? Or perhaps Roti Canai? ? Hey, if KitKat can release an Apple Vinegar flavour then we daresay that anything is possible ? We'll just see how it goes!