Meet The Man Behind Syukeats: A Trainer, Host and Content Creator


Noor Aishah Karim •  Aug 18, 2023

Meet Syuk, a 29-year-old content creator whose journey is a testament to the power of creativity, advocacy, and community support. It all started during the COVID-19 pandemic, as he sought to bring joy to homes and spotlight home-based businesses, culminating in the creation of "syukeats."

Syuk's Unconventional Path

Credit: Syuk

Driven by a desire to entertain and uplift during the pandemic, Syuk ventured into content creation. As he explains, "I use my mouth for a living... I do content (talk/eat), I’m a trainer, and I host events." Not to be confused with being a gym trainer, he extended his reach as an in-house trainer, working closely with HR departments to nurture talent within organisations. "A myth that I want to break is that trainers don't regulate rules but want to bring their creativity out, and my training sessions show that from walking around to talking around," he shares.

Syukeats: Elevating Small Businesses

Credit: Syuk

Syuk's brainchild, "syukeats," emerged as a platform to uplift small home-based businesses struggling to gain awareness during the pandemic. "I started syukeats because I believe that it was hard for home-based businesses to get someone who is an 'influencer' and could help expose the brand to a bigger audience," he explains. He views himself as a trigger for growth, stating, "I see my brand as a growing brand that wants to help another growing brand."

Reflecting on his support during Ramadan, Syuk emphasises, "During Ramadan, 30 days 30 brands, and I didn't charge them at all." His commitment extends to working with more prominent brands to generate revenue, which in turn supports smaller businesses. This philosophy of giving back is deeply ingrained, as he remarks, "The essence of giving back is essential for me."

Motivation and Impact

Syuk's motivation stems from witnessing the real impact of his work. "One of my motivations is when the small businesses do better after his videos," he asserts. He recalls a poignant example, Syuk gave an example of ‘Pastels’ and created a video which garnered 30,000 views, and the owner told him that most of his stuff was wiped out."

Future Endeavors and Aspirations

Looking ahead, Syuk envisions a future where he delves deeper into the stories of hawkers and lesser-known brands. "Working with hawkers; this entire series is about their story and for them to share," he articulates. His enthusiasm for highlighting these narratives is palpable as he shares, "He wants to feature brands that are not as popular." You can expect this series to come out in October!

The Journey: Challenges and Achievements

Syuk's journey wasn't without its challenges. He acknowledges his initial scepticism and uncertainty, sharing, "First started off on his private page and was sceptical with the other brands." However, he overcame these doubts and launched "syukeats." "Saying yes to Syukeats was one of the biggest things he said yes to and he doesn't regret it," he states.

Gratitude and Community Engagement

The recognition Syuk has garnered is a testament to his impact. "Being featured on Straits Times and Todayonline was amazing, and he felt truly humbled," he reflects. His humility is matched by his call to action, urging support for local events and businesses, underscoring their vital role in the community. "We need to support our local events and local stalls just like how we support celebrity stalls, as they need us more," he advocates.

Syuk's journey is a narrative of passion, innovation, and community-driven empowerment. From his creative approach to training to establishing "syukeats" as a haven for small businesses, his impact is undeniable. His vision for the future resonates with the belief that every business, regardless of size, has a story worth sharing. As he continues to evolve and create, Syuk's journey is an inspiring example of how individual dedication can foster positive change and uplift those around us.