Meet the duo (Muslim & Non-Muslim besties) behind AllThingsHalalSG


Noor Aishah Karim •  Aug 31, 2023

Remarkable stories often emerge from unexpected partnerships. The tale of Sheikha and Nicole, the dynamic duo behind AllThingsHalalSG (food and lifestyle TikTok account), stands as a testament to the power of friendship, shared visions, and a deep commitment to their community.

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A Genesis of Friendship and Passion

The story of AllThingsHalalSG began a mere year ago, but its roots delve much deeper. Sheikha and Nicole first crossed paths during their junior college days when they found themselves in the same drama class. A common passion for the stage and a dedication to delivering stellar performances forged a connection beyond the classroom. The two friends soon became part of a close-knit clique that thrived within their Co-Curricular Activity (CCA), sharing not only their love for drama but also their aspirations for something greater.

Nicole, though not a Muslim, is deeply committed to her role in this endeavour. Her engagement with this project stems from a belief in fostering greater mutual understanding among diverse groups, showcasing her commitment to bridging gaps and ensuring inclusivity.

A Midnight Call and a Shared Vision

Nicole's imaginative spark ignited one fateful night when an idea struck her at 2 a.m. Recognising the potential of this concept of AllThingsHalalSG where they promote businesses which fits in their vision, she reached out to Sheikha. Their earlier conversations had hinted at such an endeavour, but Sheikha's confidence had wavered. Her reputation as the group's "foodie" and Nicole's nascent content creation journey initially held them back. However, in that late-night conversation, they decided to seize the opportunity and bring their shared business idea to life.

Simultaneously, Nicole embarked on her wudhu-friendly lash business, a venture inspired by friends' perspective as a minority. Her circle of friends, including Sheikha, offered insights through a diverse lens, propelling Nicole's business forward and reinforcing their bond.

A Friendship Deepens Amid Challenges

The bond between Sheikha and Nicole grew stronger with time. As COVID-19 reshaped the world, Nicole adapted by providing lash lifting services where she even she got to better understand the needs of the Muslim community further. Through client interactions, she gleaned insights into the challenges faced by small business owners. This exposure reaffirmed her belief in the potential of collaboration.

Recognising the limitations of her own perspective, Nicole tapped into her network of Muslim friends. This network, including Sheikha, proved to be a valuable resource as they embarked on a journey to create something meaningful for their community.

Navigating Diversity and Intentions

One of the pivotal challenges they encountered is catering to a diverse audience within the Muslim community. With varying dietary needs and preferences, offering halal alternatives and options became complex. An incident involving non-traditional ingredients, such as Doritos and cheese for a campaign, drew comments questioning the halal credentials. This experience prompted a more thoughtful approach, and they now preface their page to provide halal alternatives while respecting the diverse needs of their audience.

Looking Forward: Community and Giving Back

The future of AllThingsHalalSG holds exciting prospects. Sheikha and Nicole envision a community of creators united by a shared purpose and passion. As their platform grows, they also plan to channel their success into charitable endeavours that give back to their community.

The journey of Sheikha and Nicole embodies the essence of collaboration and innovation. From conception, their venture has been fueled by friendship, a commitment to their community, and the desire to create meaningful content. Through challenges and triumphs, they stand as a testament to the power of complementary strengths and the potential that emerges when two determined individuals join forces. As their story unfolds, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter of AllThingsHalalSG's remarkable journey.