Meat&Salt In Singapore Serves Halal Beef And Lamb Ribs Among Other Mouthwatering Dishes


Syahirah Mazlan •  Sep 27, 2022

Try not to salivate too much at this news, yeah? ?Fans and lovers of smoked and grilled meats, we present to you Meat&Salt, an eatery in Singapore that serves halal beef and lamb ribs, schnitzels and much more! Formally known as Charcos, Meat&Salt is quietly tucked away in Changi far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Known for their catering, they’re also gaining popularity for offering halal ribs at affordable prices(and in big portions too)! Here’s what you need to know. ?

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Finding halal ribs in Singapore is a challenge, especially if you’re looking for one that’s affordable and has no frills. Meat&Salt prides itself on using only quality ingredients in all of its dishes. ?Everything is prepared fresh, so you know you’ll be in good hands when dining here!

The star of the show at Meat&Salt needs no prior introduction, it's the Beef RIbs and Lamb RIbs of course! ? Weighing between 260 to 300 grams, each portion of beef is carefully measured out so every order is consistent. Sink your teeth into the succulent and juicy ribs that’s been cured in salt for that extra tender texture! Each order of rib comes with sidedishes (of 1-3 kinds depending on your order) that you simply can’t miss out on.

The sides comprise of different kinds of salads like Coleslaw, Caesar, Pasta, Seafood and Egg Salad. ? You could also get Spiced Rice, Cream Potato, Potato Wedges, and French Fries (chips) too! But be warned, the size of these portions might give you a shock if you aren’t prepared for it!

While Meat&Salt’s ribs are the must-try item on their menu, you also can’t go wrong with their Chicken Schnitzels! A chicken cutlet is breaded and deep fried till it’s golden brown and crispy on the outside. ? Enjoy it with a side of Fries and Potato Salad but definitely don’t forget to dip the Chicken Schnitzel into their homemade brown gravy!

So, did we tempt you? Visit Meat&Salt for their delicious soul food! It’s perfect for celebrating specials events like birthdays, or anniversaries but who needs an occasion to eat food this good? ? Share this with your friends and loved ones to invite them to enjoy Meat&Salt’s tasty and HUGE portions!

P.S. There’s even a musollah available in the eatery for you to do your prayer obligations during your visit!


Halal status: Halal-ceritified

Address: 218C Changi Road PKMS Building (lorong 108 Changi) Anna Cafe

Opening hours: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri; 12PM-8PM | Sat-Sun; 1PM-8PM

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