McDonald’s SG vs MY: The Fast Food Battle You’ve Been Waiting For


Cheng Sim •  Oct 04, 2019

If you've stayed or vacationed in Singapore or Malaysia long enough, you're probably used to the convenience of late-night burgers and sundae indulgence at McDonald's. A fast-food chain that brings joy to the young at hearts, you might be reading this and wondering about your next bite of Big Mac or Double Cheeseburger already!

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Whether you're walking through the doors of McDonald's Singapore or Malaysia, you're bound to find something you've never seen in your home country. Scroll down as we break down what you can find only in these countries!

McDonald's Singapore

1. Buttermilk Crispy Chicken

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When there's buttermilk in the name, it's hard not to give it a chance. You've probably not tasted a spin-off quite like the Buttermilk Crispy Chicken because its crispy chicken thigh is elevated with buttermilk. Between the glazed burger buns, you'll get a crunch from the romaine lettuce, crisp purple cabbage and - wait, are those grilled pineapple rings? Don't raise your eyebrow just yet because you'll be surprised to know that this combination actually works.

2. McWings

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Your Mum might have told you to cut down on your fried chicken intake, but how does one turn their head away from McWings? Deep-fried with a light batter, every bite will lead you to delicious crunches that you would expect from a good fried chicken. Since you need some sauces to go with it, scroll down for our recommended sauces from McDonald's Singapore!

3. Classic Angus Cheese

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Sometimes, a lunch date with Classic Angus Cheese is just the thing you need to muster through the week. Sandwiched with juicy Angus beef patty, take a bite to fully appreciate its beefy flavour. While you're at it, other sidekicks like Colby cheese slices, chicken bacon, caramelised grilled onions and garlic aioli sauce will bring the flavours together.

4. Grilled Chicken Salad

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It's possible to encourage someone to eat their greens at McDonald's, and the Grilled Chicken Salad is what the doctor ordered. Topped with grilled skinless chicken thigh, dive your fork into its crunchy lettuce, mixed vegetables, tomatoes and sweet corn kernels. You can also drizzle your salad with roasted sesame sauce or tell the staff that you prefer it without.

5. Breakfast Wrap Chicken Sausage

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If you're rushing to work and have a few minutes to spare, the Breakfast Wrap Chicken Sausage is the perfect grab-and-go snack. Blanketed by a wholegrain tortilla, you'll see scrambled eggs, cheese slices, chicken sausage patty and hash brown cosying up together. Another variation would be the Breakfast Wrap Chicken Ham that swaps out the chicken sausage patty with a slice of ham.

BONUS: Curry Sauce and Garlic Chilli Sauce

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Remember when we mentioned you need sauces to go with your burgers? We're talking about McDonald's Curry Sauce that is served exclusively in Singapore! You can ask for a free curry sauce packet if you buy an extra value meal. While the bottled curry sauce is not on sale for the time being, keep a lookout when the next promotion comes and buy it quickly. It's so well-loved by Singaporeans that it sold out in a matter of days! Another condiment to spice up your burger is the McDonald's Garlic Chilli Sauce that's available with every order.

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McDonald's Malaysia

6. Ayam Goreng McD

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Malaysians have a strong love affair with fried chicken, and you're likely to see someone taking a bite out of their Ayam Goreng McD when dining at McDonald's Malaysia. With a choice of regular or spicy flavour, the crunch comes guaranteed with every bite and the succulent chicken is enough to entice you to have another bite.

7. Nasi Lemak McD

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As a tribute to Malaysia's national breakfast, it's impossible to find Nasi Lemak McD anywhere else in the world. Each box comes with a banana leaf design to resemble the traditional nasi lemak. Open it, and there will be steamed rice served with a side of sambal, anchovies, cucumber, and a fried egg. Paired with the well-loved Ayam Goreng McD, you know you're in for a treat!

8. Quarter Pounder

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Give the Quarter Pounder a chance once you've found a seat at any McDonald's in Malaysia. Sandwiched with a beef patty, this burger's flavour profile is punctuated with two slices of cheese, crunchy pickles, onions and tomato sauce. Some say it's satisfying for lunch, but to us, it's an all-day, any-day type of burger.

9. Grilled Chicken Burger (GCB)

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Grilled Chicken Burger is possibly the only burger in the McDonald's Malaysia menu with a famous acronym. What goes into a GCB is simple and straightforward. We're talking toasted sesame buns, lettuce and smoky chargrilled sauce. However, the burger's main draw is the grilled chicken thigh, which is pretty yummy if you're not much of a beef lover.

10. Bubur Ayam McD

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Whether you're at McDonald's for breakfast or surviving a rainy evening, you'll find Bubur Ayam McD to be absolutely comforting. Meaning 'chicken porridge' in Malay, each serving is sprinkled with spring onions, sliced ginger, fried shallots and diced chillies. It's tough for this bubur ayam to top your Mum's home-cooked porridge, but it'll definitely remind you of it.

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Results: You decide!

It's tough to choose between Singapore's finger-licking Curry Sauce and Malaysia's Nasi Lemak McD. Ultimately, who wins this fast-food battle? We let you decide! Choose whether you're on Team Macs or Team Mekdi in the poll below!