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JUST IN: McDonald’s Singapore Unleashes The New Curry Burger (And More!)


 •  Jul 10, 2018


McDonald's is back at it again with a new locally-inspired menu! We've told you about the new Durian McFlurry but there's actually much more that their new local menu offers.
Credit: McDonald's on Facebook For starters, how about a curry burger? ? Yes, we're talking about your favourite curry sauce in.a.burger. I mean, you'd probably think "I can just pour the curry sauce into the burger" and honestly, we thought the same too! But the chain took the burger a notch up by combining the curry sauce with a tender chicken patty, melted cheese and a sunny side-up egg ? Sounds pretty good, if you ask us!
  And that's not all. We headed down to try their new lunch menu and we're lovin' it ? Those who love Chinese food would especially enjoythe new Ha Ha Cheong Gai chicken burger and chicken drumlets! We loved the juicy chicken patty which is marinated with real prawn paste and coated with crispy breadcrumbs. The prawn paste flavoured mayo gave the burger an additional salty taste - letting us savour the authentic taste of Har Cheong Gai ?
We wish they would add more paste in the burger though, as the quantity was pretty little. Here's what the burger actually looked from the outside (pretty true to the picture above sans the sauce):
The Ha Ha Cheong Gai chicken drumlets was an unassuming side, but it took us by surprise! The drumlets had an extra crisp to it, due to the coat of shrimp paste. It retained the salty taste of the paste so if we were to compare this with the burger, we'd say this one takes the cake ?
And of course, your meal would not be complete without their classic criss cut fries. No introduction necessary for this one ? Be sure to get your hands on the new menu (available from 12 July onwards, while stocks last!) and let us know if you enjoyed the chain's Chinese spin ?