NEW: McDonald’s SG Has A New Grilled Sandwich That’s Perfect For Lunch


Cheng Sim •  Sep 26, 2019

Ask anyone about their favourite McDonald's burger and they're likely to give you different answers. Some might prefer the heartiness of large-size Big Mac. While others enjoy taking a seafood route with Filet-O-Fish or spicing things up with a McSpicy. If you're searching for another burger to please your palate, you're in luck!

Credit: Giphy

Starting 26 September 2019, walk into any McDonald's restaurant in Singapore to savour their latest grilled goodness! Say hello to Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Crispy Fish Sandwich and the all-new Potatoon their menu.

Whether you're dining with friends or having a desk lunch in the office, you know these quick and easy sandwiches will offer a satisfying meal while adding a burst of mealtime happiness!

Credit: McDonald’s Singapore

What makes the Crispy Fish Sandwich special is the crispy battered fish that goes well with creamy chargrill sauce. Take a bite and enjoy the crunchy chicken bacon, delightful cheddar cheese and crunchy lettuce! Catch the Crispy Fish Burger in an extra value meal from $7.90, and a la carte from $6.20, for a limited time only.

Credit: McDonald’s Singapore

For something meaty, the Grilled Chicken Sandwich is definitely up your alley! With a tender chicken patty as its centrepiece, this semolina sandwich is packed with chicken bacon, cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce and yummy chargrill sauce. Enjoy the Grilled Chicken Sandwich in an extra value meal complete with medium fries and a small Coke from $7.90, and a la carte from $6.20, for a limited time only.

Credit: McDonald’s Singapore

For the first time ever, you'll get to enjoy McDonald's all-new Potato! Shaped after everyone's favourite emoji, the Potato is made with warm and soft mashed potato complete with crispy golden-brown crust. You can enjoy it a la carte from $2.00 or part of the grilled chicken sandwich from $8.30, for a limited time only.

Credit: McDonald’s Singapore

If you enjoy waking up to a delicious McDonald's breakfast, get excited for the latest Scrambled Egg Burger with Chicken Bacon and Scrambled Egg Burger with Sausage! Sandwiched between two soft buns, each burger comes with scrambled eggs topped with melted cheese. Get the Grab and Go special together with a cup of McCafe® Premium Roast Coffee from $4.00, for a limited time only!

Since these burgers and snacks are available for limited time only, step into any McDonald's Singapore to savour these delicious treats before it's too late!