JUST IN: McDonalds SG Is Bringing Back Old Favourites And New Surprises


Shasha Dania •  May 28, 2019

Caught in a mid-week slump? Well brace yourselves, because McDonald's SG has some exciting news that's sure to get you looking forward to the rest of the week! With old favourites and new flavours hitting stores island-wide from 30 May onwards, your week just got so much better! ?

That's right, they're bringing back their wildly popular Curry Sauce Bottle from 30 May onwards! ? Singaporeans' love for McDonald's Curry Sauce is legendary, and now you can finally stock up on that delicious sauce to spice up your meals whenever you please!

Credit: McDonald's Singapore

Each 375ml bottle of curry sauce can be kept for up to 3 weeks after opening when refrigerated, and is full of that familiar, sweet curry that we all know and love. McDonald's has even prepared 7 ways to use the sauce besides just dunking your McNuggets into it. Why not make your own Curry Loaded Fries, or add a little kick to your morning McMuffin? ? The possibilities are endless, and we can't wait to get our hands on a bottle!

A bottle costs just $5.50, and you can purchase a maximum of 4 at a time with every purchase of McNuggets ala carte, a McNuggets Extra Value Meal, or a McNuggets Happy Sharing Box.

* McNuggets Happy Meals are not eligible for this purchase offer.

Credit: McDonald's Singapore

To add even more spice into your life, McDonald's is also bringing back their Spicy Chicken McNuggets! The McNuggets come in sets of 6 pieces for $4.85, 9 pieces for $6.40, and up to 20 pieces for $12.50! Whether you're buying them for yourself or sharing with a friend, McDonald's has definitely got you covered. ?

Credit: McDonald's Singapore

There will even be a Happy Sharing Box C ($12.85) that comes with 12 pieces of Spicy Chicken McNuggets and8 pieces of McWings - perfect for splitting with your friends! The Spicy Chicken McNuggets will be available at all outlets, as well as via McDelivery and GrabFood. (Remember to place your orders early if you're looking to break your fast with it! ?)

Credit: McDonald's Singapore

If you're planning on ordering in (or you're a self-proclaimed Fanatic for McNuggets and Curry Sauce), you'll definitely be glad to hear that there's an exclusive McDelivery and GrabFood order that comes with it too! For just $31, you can get 20 pieces of original McNuggets, 20 pieces of Spicy Chicken McNuggets, and a bottle of curry sauce! ? The offer is available while stocks last so place your orders soon so you won't miss out!

Credit: McDonald's Singapore

McDonald's is also bringing some new flavours to their menu, and we can't wait to try them out! First up is the French Onion Shaker Fries available with every upsized Extra Value Meal for just 70 cents ? The savoury taste is sure to add another layer to your meal, and at just 70 cents it's worth a try for sure!

Credit: McDonald's Singapore

If you're more of a dessert fan however, you might be more interested in their two new sweet treats hitting dessert kiosks soon. The Purple Sweet Potato Waffle Cone ($2) and KIT KAT McFlurry ($3.10) are completely new flavours that we've never even dreamt of seeing at McDonald's kiosks before. ? Just thinking of how sweet and fragrant that sweet potato soft-serve is going to be is making us drool - and not to forget the chocolate sauce and crunchy KIT KAT bits in the brand-new McFlurry! While the Sweet Potato Waffle Cone will only be available at Dessert Kiosks, the KIT KAT McFlurry will be available at all Dessert Kiosks, outlets, and on the McDelivery platform too!

We can't wait to try out these brand-new flavours - they'll be available from 30 May while stocks last, so start planning a 'McDate' with your friends now!