5 Easy Ways To Turn Your McDonald's BTS Meal Into Unique Merch


Ili •  Jun 21, 2021

For ARMYs in Singapore, it's time to get excited as the McDonald's BTS Meal is launching today! Our writer, Cheng Sim, managed to get her hands on the iconic meal in Malaysia several weeks ago and you can read all about it here. If you're just as lucky as her and manage to snag one yourself, check out how you can turn the limited edition packaging into a souvenir that'll last forever ?

P.S. You can also recreate this iconic BTS meal at home using this recipe!

1. Keychain

Credit: @TashJannCreations on TikTok

Take inspiration from TikTok user @TashJannCreations who made laminated keychains using the lids of the sauces. Once you've laminated the foil lids, all you have to do is poke a tiny hole at the top corner, insert a keychain and voila - you've got yourself a one-of-a-kind keychain that you can attach to your bag or set of keys.

2. Frame

Credit: @MABuendiaHD on Twitter

Another easy souvenir you can make is to simply frame the packaging. Feel free to get as creative as you want with it and explore the possibilities of adding other things to your frame like a picture of your favourite BTS member, lyrics to any BTS song of your choice) or purple hearts.

3. Tumbler

Credit: @MABuendiaHD on Twitter

Got a tumbler with a removable insert at home? Then this is the perfect opportunity to replace the paper insert using the BTS Meal paper cup. Just cut it in half and remove the bottom before slipping it in.

4. Phone case

Credit: @awdwulan on TikTok

Bored of your phone case? There's no need to buy a new one, just use the packaging from the BTS Meal like TikTok user @awdwulan! You can decorate the outside of your phone cover or if you have a clear case, stick them on the inside so that they're better protected.

5. Table decor

Credit: @BTSchronicles7 on Twitter

Spruce up your work desk by making a unique table decor using different parts of the BTS meal packaging. Using a kombucha box (not part of the meal) and items from the meal like the brown paper bag, you can have your very own special BTS merch similar to what Twitter user (@BTSchronicles7) has created for herself.