McDonald’s BTS Meal Review: Is It Worth The Hype?


Cheng Sim •  May 26, 2021

It’s finally here! If you’ve been counting down the days until the BTS Meal arrives in McDonald’s Malaysia, it’s time to get excited! Malaysia is one of the first countries to offer McDonald’s first ever celebrity signature order, so let’s find out whether it’s worth the hype! 

Who is BTS?

BTS is a famous South Korean boy band that has taken the global music scene by storm! Short for Bangtan Sonyeondan or Beyond the Scene, the group consists of 7 members named Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. BTS recently released a new single titled Butter, and you can also listen to other chart-topping hits like Spring Day, Dynamite and Blood, Sweat & Tears. 

What’s in a McDonald’s BTS Meal?

McDonald’s BTS Meal consists of 10 pieces of Chicken McNuggets with Sweet Chili and Cajun sauces, one medium fries and one medium Coke. In Malaysia, the BTS Meal is priced at RM15.70 per set (take-away). 

How long did it take to order a BTS Meal? 

In Malaysia, the BTS Meal was launched at 10AM on 26 May 2021. When we visited the McDelivery app at 10.30AM, we waited at the virtual waiting room for 2 hours before we decided to get a take away from the nearest McDonald's outlet.

When we arrived at the McDonald's outlet at 2.30PM, there was only a short queue at the entrance - only 2 people before us. There's also a special lane for BTS Meal orders, so everything went smoothly and we got our BTS Meal in less than 10 minutes!

Is it worth the hype? 

The McDonald’s Sweet Chili and Cajun sauces are pretty new in Malaysia. Since our current McNuggets sauce options are barbecue and sweet and sour, we're pretty excited to try them! Tell us if you agree that the Sweet Chili sauce reminds you of sweet and sour sauce with a hint of red pepper and paprika! The Cajun sauce, on the other hand, tastes just like honey mustard with a touch of paprika, which is great for anyone who enjoys a spicy kick.

Both dipping sauces are inspired by well-loved recipes from McDonald’s South Korea and picked by BTS themselves, and we have to say that we prefer the Cajun dipping sauce over the Sweet Chili. A Twitter user shared that it tastes better when you combine the dipping sauce together, so give it a try!

Compared to the regular 9-piece Chicken McNuggets value meal, which is priced at RM16.51 (via McDelivery), the BTS Meal in McDonald’s Malaysia is slightly cheaper. Unfortunately, there are no photo cards in the BTS Meal. However, hats off to McDonald's Malaysia for packing the fries in a separate bag to keep the main paper bag grease-free! We heard the BTS Army are keeping the paper bag as souvenirs, so we're definitely saving ours!

Is the BTS Meal available outside of Malaysia?

Yes, McDonald’s BTS Meal will be available in 50 countries, including South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Indonesia! However, our friends in Singapore will be getting the BTS Meal on 21 June as the country returns to phase two

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